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Product Description

BN-8049 Pulp Valley Laboratory Beater is a paper-making laboratory international standard equipment, is to study the pulp and paper processing necessary equipment, the aircraft through the knife roll and the knife produced by the mechanical force, the various fiber slurry cutting, crushing, rubbing, split, run up and fiber refinement, while the fiber cell wall displacement and deformation, the primary wall and the outer wall of the rupture. According to the end of the knife pressure and beating time, you can get different degrees of pulp and other changes, Valley beater is widely used in a variety of plant fiber, synthetic fiber, carbon fiber, glass fiber beating test, paper production testing, quality control, process development, teaching and research experiments.


The machine meets the standard requirements ISO 5264 / I, TAPPI-T200 and GB7280-87 Pulps-laboratory beating-Valley beater method. Which models can change the heavy thallium pressure, beating time, and automatically control the beating time, to get different experimental results.


Technical parameters:

Model BN-8049
Standard slurry capacity 23 liters, pulp volume: 47 liters,
Pulp warning With the pool water level warning, the minimum water warning 2L.
The amount of pulp  200g ~ 700g dry pulp (standard amount: 360 grams of dry pulp, concentration: 1.57%) ideal slurry into the pool size: less than 25 * 25mm
Flying knife roll size Φ194MM × 155MM
Flying knife roll speed Standard beating speed (8.3 ± 0.2) r / s; (500 ± 10) r / min
Flying blade Thickness of 4.7mm, 32 tablets
Bottom blade  Thickness of 3.2mm, 7 tablets
Lever arm load (54 ± 1) N
Slurry diversion groove Flat concave slurry diversion structure (domestic are convex type), to improve the effect of slurry diversion.
Slot cover Short distance 145 degrees transparent composite cover, easy to observe the real-time beating fluid, easy to pulp cleaning and blade cleaning (180 degrees is not convenient for manual cleaning).
Noise muffler The slurry outlet is equipped with a noise silencing device to reduce the noise during beating.
Power supply 750W / 380V
Dimensions 1240 mm x 650 mm x 1180 mm
Weight 200Kg


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