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BN-DZ02 Vacuum Flat Type Paper Sample Dryer (Paper sample rapid dryer ) is some application equipment that uniformly heats and dries sheet materials through professional heating design. There are many heating methods for these drying equipment, including direct infrared heat radiation, vacuum drying, and hot water circulation. Heating and other methods, the ultimate goal is to achieve uniform and rapid drying of materials, which can prevent uneven drying, material wrinkles and so on. These methods are more suitable for the application of enterprise laboratories, universities and colleges, scientific research applications of major research institutes, and quality inspection by major quality supervision bureaus and inspection and quarantine bureaus, etc.


 Technical parameters:

Drying temperature range: Omron control system, adjustable from room temperature to 150°C.

Dry size: the sample size can be realized in the range of 300*300mm

Heating method: planar plane-vertical conduction flat heater, to eliminate the phenomenon of uneven heating of traditional heating wire or light wave.

Vacuum degree: -0.01~-0.09Mpa

Vacuum configuration: external modular vacuum generating device, fast signal access interface

Pressure applied to the sample: Equipped with a vacuum regulating valve, adjustable from -0.01 to -0.09Mpa

Drying time control: 1~9999min can be adjusted arbitrarily

Platen size: 300*300

Heat insulation protection: equipped with inorganic heat insulation constant temperature layer

Thermal protection: intelligent 180°C thermal protection, which can realize intelligent automatic thermal protection and automatic thermal opening.

Specimen physical thickness range: 0~10mm

Operation panel: Surface anode waterproof treatment, with quick safety switch

Vacuum method: water cycle vacuum

Power supply: 220V, 50Hz

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