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Product Description


BN-8026B Touch Screen Paper Cup Body Stiffness Tester is a testing tool of paper cup paper bowl production and production enterprise and carton use enterprise control quality, mainly used to test the paper cup paper cup body stiffness tester, put the sample cup in the stiffness tester. On the movable gantry, the sensor probe is just perpendicular to the side wall of the cup, and the movable gantry is adjusted so that the vertical distance between the probe and the bottom of the cup is about two-thirds of the height of the cup. The instrument automatically records the stiffness value after moving a certain distance forward.



★ Large touch screen display, can be operated separately by computer and stiffness meter, one button to complete;

★ Fully automatic electronic test equipment, easy to use, wider test range;

★ One-click operation of the experimental process to avoid human error;

★Microcomputer and computer system automatically judge the initial test status;

★ equipped with a micro printer for quick and easy data output, or with a separate printer print graph and data;

★Double-head paper cup body stiffness test structure design, test data is more accurate;


Technical parameters:

 Measurement range  (0-20)N, resolution 0.01N
 Display value accuracy indication error  ±1% indication variability ≤1%
 Measurable paper cup diameter  20-150mm
 Paper cup height  15≤L≤120
 Test speed  50±2.5mm/min (1-200 continuously adjustable)
 Force distance  9.5±0.5mm
 Dimensions 630mmX320mmX400mm
 Print  Modular integrated thermal printer
 Weight  38 kg

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