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Product Description


BN-DZ01 Flat Type Paper Sample Quick Dryer is a special experimental equipment used in the papermaking laboratory to quickly dry the formed paper samples. The upper cover and heating plate of the machine are made of metal aluminum with high thermal conductivity, and the 22mm thick working panel is evenly baked by heat radiation. The hot steam is discharged from the mesh through the upper cover felt. The temperature control system adopts intelligent PID to control heating, with high precision of measurement and control and constant temperature. The use temperature is adjustable, the maximum temperature can reach 150 ℃, and the thickness of the drying pattern can be adjusted from 0-15mm.


 Technical parameters:

  • Drying temperature range: adjustable within the range of normal temperature to 150°C, and the safety protection temperature is 180°C.
  • Drying size: the sample size can be achieved within the range of 660*418 (6 groups of R200 can be dried at the same time)
  • Heating method: flat-vertical conduction flat heater, electric heating
  • Drying board thickness: 21mm
  • The pressure applied to the sample: Level 1: 10kg, Level 2 17kg, Level 3 24kg
  • Press plate size: 660*418*55mm
  • Wool felt area: 624*383mm
  • Heating power: 1.6KW/220V
  • Net size: 660mm×418mm×270mm

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