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BN-8054 Standard fiber disintegrator (also known as standard fiber disintegrator) is a standard disintegrator that dissociates bundle fibers into single fibers by rotating the fiber material of the pulp in water at high speed. It is used for the preparation of manual papermaking, the determination of the filtration degree and the preparation of the sample for screening.

The structure is vertical, the operation is simple and reliable, the upper cover is sealed, the container is made of tough transparent material, and the mixing process is visible.



JIS-P8220, TAPPI-T205, ISO-5263 and other standards.


Technical parameters:

  • Inner diameter of the container: Φ (152 ± 2) mm × H (191 ± 2) mm
  • Slurry concentration: 0.8% or 1.2% or 2.2%
  • Dry pulp: 24g or 60g
  • Slurry volume: 2L or 2.7L
  • Container volume: about 3.466L
  • Stirring chamber: The transparent material mixing chamber can observe the fiber disintegration state at any time, and the guide bar is also a transparent material.
  • Separation method: Manual 105° oblique pressure separation, the handle has both separation and fastening functions. Separation
  • The switch is designed directly at the handle, allowing simultaneous opening and separation.
  • Slurry chassis: 06Cr19Ni10 anti-corrosion platform.
  • Inner baffle spiral: inner spiral structure: 6.5*6.5*51*4
  • Height on the baffle: (57 ± 1) mm
  • Height under the baffle: (32 ± 1) mm
  • End radius: 3mm
  • Edge radius: 0.4mm
  • Center distance between baffles: (51 ± 1) mm
  • Stirring impeller speed frequency: (48.3 ± 1.65) S-1
  • Stirring speed (standard): (2898~2994) r/min
  • Rotation diameter: φ90
  • Edge radius: R=0.8mm
  • End radius: R=4.0mm
  • Bottom spacing: (25 ± 2) mm
  • Bottom radius: R=13.0mm
  • Dimensions: 450 × 265 × 395mm
  • Weight: 42kg

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