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Product Description

  • Introduction:

WPT-201 Water Vapor Permeability Tester is manufactured based on the infrared sensor method and is applicable to test the water vapor transmission rate of high barrier materials, film sheetings.


  • Features:
  • High precise infrared moisture sensor.
  • One work station.
  • The stability of the temperature and humidity is to ensure the consistency of test conditions of chambers.
  • High-precise and automatic control system of temperature can be used under different conditions.
  • The data can be stored and outputted in multi-format (including reports in excel and cloud sharing).
  • GMP management of user’s three-level authority complies with international standards.
  • The instrument processes statistical analysis of single and group data.
  • Equipped with ISP control online and upgrade function.
  • Specialized communicating software can display in real-time, analyze and store data.


  • Principle

The test specimen is mounted in the diffusion cell, which is subsequently divided into a dry chamber and a controlled-humidity chamber. The dry side of the specimen is swept by a flow of dry nitrogen, and the water vapor permeating through the specimen from the controlled-humidity chamber is carried by dry nitrogen to the infra-red sensor where proportion electrical signals will be generated. The water vapor transmission rate is obtained by analyzing and calculating the electrical signals. For package samples, dry nitrogen flows inside the package, and moisturized nitrogen flows outside.


  • Standards:

ISO 15106-2, ASTM F1249, TAPPI T557, JIS K7129, GB/T 26253-2010, YBB 00092003-2015


  • Technical Specifications
Test Range 0.001 ~ 100 g/m²•24h (film and sheet)
Number of Specimen 1 PCS with independent test results
Accuracy 0.001 g/m²•24h
Resolution 0.001 g/m²•24h
Range of Temperature 10°C ~ 60°C (Standard)
Accuracy of Temperature ±0.1°C
Range of Humidity 30%RH ~ 90%RH
Accuracy of Humidity ±1%RH
Test Area 50.24cm²

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