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Product Description

The crude fiber analyzer is an apparatus for digesting a sample according to the acid-base digestion method and performing weight measurement to obtain a crude fiber content of the sample. The crude fiber analyzer uses acid and alkali with accurate concentration, digests the sample under certain conditions, and then removes the soluble matter with ethanol. After burning at a high temperature, the amount of the mineral is deducted, and the content is called crude fiber. The crude fiber tester is not an exact chemical entity, but is a rough component measured under recognized mandatory conditions, with cellulose being predominantly present with a small amount of hemicellulose and lignin.

1. The cooking device adopts high-quality ceramic heating material, which has good thermal efficiency and can fully obtain the digestion effect.
2. All leaching processes can be operated by automatic placement of valves, and the entire set of tests for each sample can be operated separately.
3, built-in imported peristaltic pump, corrosion-resistant, vacuum filtration and adjustable vacuum, gas back blowing, accelerate washing effect.
4, the crude fiber analyzer can be equipped with a circulating constant temperature water bath for high-precision temperature control.
5. The height of the sample can be upgraded and adjusted to facilitate sampling and discharging.
6. The experimental procedures is done automatically, without manual operation.

Technical Parameters:
Model: CXC-06
Determination target: content of crude fiber in various food, feed, grain, food and other agricultural and sideline products
Number of test samples: 6pcs/ time
Repeatability error: crude fiber content below 10% ** value error ≤ 0.4
The crude fiber content is above 10%, and the relative error is ≤4%.
Measurement time: about 90 minutes on the instrument (including 30 minutes of acid, 30 minutes of alkali, about 30 minutes of suction filtration and washing)
Power supply: AC220V/50HZ
Power: 3.3KVA
Volume: 540 × 450 × 670mm3
Weight: 28kg

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