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Product Description

SGW-568-533-532-531 High-Speed Automatic Polarimeter

The instrument applies the unique and state-of-art control technology, equipped with high quality prisms. It not only greatly enhances the response speed, measurement time, and minimum transmittance when the polarimeter is testing samples, but also fully embodies the high speed, efficiency and accuracy features, which completely transformed the slow response speed and long measuring time of the traditional polarimeter. It’s a landmark’s breakthrough of polarimeter development in China. In terms of function, the user can customize up to 300 commonly used measurement methods which are pre-stored in the system. With applying the latest IT technology, the instrument can access the Internet.

Technical Data:

Measurement modeOptical rotation, specific rotation, sugar degree and concentration(Custom)
Frequently used methods3003003030
Light sourceLight-emitting diode(LED)(up to 20,000 hours) + precision interference filters
Working wavelength589.44nm(Sodium D Spectrum)
Measurement range±90°(Rotation)  ±259°Z(Sugar)
Minimum reading0.0001°0.001°0.001°0.001°
Min. transmission of samples able to be measured0.01%0.1%0.1%0.1%
Response speed8°/S
Measurement time6 times/26s
Sample temperature controlYesNo
Control modePeltier(Built-in)No
Control range10-50℃No
Control accuracy±0.2℃No
Operation systemWINDOWSNoNo
Display8-inch color dot matrix touch LCD
Calibration methodMulti-point automatic calibration
Data storage16G Database10000 sets5000 sets
GMP RegulationsQualified
Output communication interfaceUSB/Keyboard/Mouse/Universal Printer/VGA/Ethernet/Optical wireless card for wireless internet accessUSB/Printer/Ethernet
Test tubes200mm 100mm(regular)    100mm(temp control)
Optional tubes50mm(regular)     200mm(temp control)50mm(regular)
Dimensions860mm  510mm  470mm

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