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Product Description


YG511 Series Fabric ICI Pilling and Snagging Tester, to determine the surface pilling and snagging properties of both woven and knitted materials. It complies in full with the requirements of EN ISO 12945-1 and BS 5811, etc.



1, the lining rubber cork is detachable and easy to replace.

2, non-contact photoelectric counting, touch screen display.

3, mounting jig kit, pilliscope assessment viewer(Optional).

4, the snagging cartridge is optional.

5, can set the number of revolutions: 30-70 rev / min adjustable, steering can be set.


Technical Parameters

Model YG511-II YG511-IV YG511-VI YG511-X
Number of pilling boxes 2 4 6 9
Box size 235×235×235mm
Box speed 60±2r/min(30-70 setting)
Counting range 1~99999 times
Sample tube Φ31.5×140mm,4pcs/box
Power supply Ac 220V±10% 50Hz 120W
Dimensions (mm) 900×500×500 900×500×800 900×500×1100 1400×500×1600
Weight (Kg) 60 70 120 180

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