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Product Description

YG089E Fully Automatic Fabric Washing Shrinkage Tester, is an accelerated washing apparatus for knitted and woven fabrics to assess shrinkage in accordance with international test methods. Also used for assessing fabric stability, color fastness, finish durability, spirality and pilling to washing.


1.MCU program controller, build-in ten sets of washing program that ISO required, and operator program capability.
2.No need to fix to ground with foot screw, operating stably;
3.Soft link between rotating cage and rack, low vibration and noise;
4.Variable frequency motor, switch smoothly between high speed and low speed, low temperature increment of motor.
5.Blue fluorescence LCD display, test state dynamic icon shows, easier to catch the eye and operation convenience.
6.Non-touch capacitance water level meter to measure water level accuracy and reliable.


GB/T8629, GB/T8630, ISO6330/5077, FZ/T70009, BS4923, EN25077/26330, JIS L1909, IWSTM31,ISO19954,


Technical parameters:

 Model  YG089E
 Washing model  front-loading, horizontal tumbling-box type
 Diameter of tumbling-box  520±1mm
 Depth of tumbling-box  315±1mm
 Number of Lifter  3
 Height of Lifter  53±1mm
 Rotating method normal model:

Clockwise Rotating

AnticlockwiseRotating Soft model:

Clockwise Rotating

Anticlockwise Rotating


12±0.1s,  pause 3±0.1s,

12±0.1s,  pause 3±0.1s


3±0.1s,   pause 12±0.1s,

3±0.1s,   pause 12±0.1s

 Rotation speed  Washing   52r/min

Low Spin  (500±20)r/min

High Spin (800±20)r/min

 Fill water time  < 2min (water in high level 13cm)
 Drainage duration  < 1min (water in high level 13cm)
 Heating power  5.4±2%KW
 Load weight  5kg
 Power supply  Ac 380V 50Hz 6500W
 Instrument size  820×740×1340mm (L×W×H)
 Weight  240kg



1. Shrinkage rate template
2. Standard washing cloth
3. Standard detergent
4. Butter pen

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