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Product Description

YG812D Digital Fabric Water Permeability Tester, used for waterproofing, hydrostatic test of various fabrics (such as canvas, coated cloth, tent cloth, sheet, rain clothing cloth and geotextile materials, etc.)

GB / T 4744, FZT 01004, ASTM D751, AATCC 127, DIN 53886, JIS L 1092

Instrument Features
1. Touch screen display control, English menu operation, simple and quick operation.
2. The use of computer control of water flow, the pressure rate range and can be adjustable, accurate pressure.
3. The use of imported high-precision pressure sensor, automatic sensor overload protection, pressure control using dynamic feedback adjustment, effectively prevent the pressure overshoot.
4. Manual wheel clamping sample, convenient and quick, so that the sample force evenly to prevent damage to the sample.
5. Two test mode, pressurized method and water leakage method.
6. Built-in new national standard test method has automatic rating function.
7. Test units are free to switch: Pa, Kpa, mmHg, cmH2O.
8. Built-in professional LED lighting device, easy to observe the water droplets. 
9. All the contact with the water all the color made of stainless steel.

Technical Parameters

  1. Technical indicators:
Model Test range Accuracy Water pressure increasing rate Test head area
YG812D-5 100pa-50kpa 0.2%F.S 1000pa-100kpa 100cm²
YG812D -20 500pa-200kpa 1000pa-100kpa
YG812D -50 1kpa-500kpa 1000pa-100kpa 7.8cm²(Optional)

2. Pressure display resolution: 0.1pa

3. Sensor test accuracy: ≤ 1% (single sensor full range of 5% -100% range)

4. Experimental area: 100cm2, 7.8cm2 (optional);

5. Pressure rate: 1KPa ~ 10KPa / min (adjustable);

6. Working mode: 5 kinds

7. Display mode: color in English

8. Power: AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz 500W

9. Dimensions: 550 × 400 × 5000mm

10. Weight: 50kg

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