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Product Description


YG512 Series Fabric Random Tumble Pilling Tester is used to test the pilling performance of fabrics under the condition of free tumbling friction in the roller box.



GB/T 4802.4, ISO 12945.3, ASTM D 3512, ASTM D 1375



  1. The instrument is controlled by touch screen, the interface is simple and easy to understand, and the operation is convenient.
  2. With door-opening detection, the door-opening motor stops automatically, making the instrument safer.
  3. One-button start, press the start button, the air source and the motor work at the same time, the experiment will stop automatically when the experiment is completed, and the buzzer will remind.
  4. The rotating component adopts a circular pulley, and the instrument runs smoothly with low noise.


Technical Parameters:

  1. Test positions: 2 (YG512-II), 4 (YG512-IV)
  2. Time counting: 1~999999 minutes
  3. Drum specification: 146×152mm
  4. Specifications of cork lining: 452×146×1.5mm (optional), gray cotton sliver (optional)
  5. Stirring rod specification: 121mm
  6. Speed: 1200r/min
  7. Pressure in the warehouse: 14~21kPa (2~3psi)
  8. Dimensions: 540×380×500mm (YG512-II), 720×430×850mm (YG512-IV)
  9. Weight: 60kg (YG512-II), 80kg (YG512-IV)
  10. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz 90W

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