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Product Description

ASTM E96 Textile Fabric Water Vapour Transmission Permeability Tester to test the water vapour transmision of various fabric (moisture permeable fabric included) and non-woven fabric such as bat wool, space cotton, sportswear fabric etc.


1. Apply to various standards and testing methods.
2. Rotary specimen holder, the speed can be adjusted. The test is much evenly than fixed specimen holder.
3. The wind speed can be adjusted. Adopt import air velocity transducer to demarcate which can ensure the speed.
4. The temperature and humidity control use RID algorithm, which fluctuation is small and can prevent the overshoot. The temperature and humidity calibration function can avoid the sensor bias caused by long time using.
5. High accuracy temperature and humidity sensor makes the test result reliable and precise.
6. Single chip control, color touchscreen operation,modular design, temperature and humidity digital setting, intelligent control and real-time display the temperature, humidity and time.
7. Can input parameter on the touch screen and calculate the WVT, WVP, PV value.
8. The machine equipped with upper computer software, can record the temperature and humidity curve, be easy to calculate and print mass data report.



GB/T12704, GB/T21655, ASTM E90, ASTM E96 (Procedure A, B, C, D, E), JIS L1099, BS 7209


Technical parameters:

Model YG216-I YG216-II
Water vapour permeability cups 1 layer, 8pcs 2 layers, 8pcs/layer
Test chamber temperature RT~50℃
Resolution 0.1℃
Accuracy of temperature ±0.5℃
Weighing function No
Testing method Upright cup method
Humidity of testing chamber 40%RH~95%RH
Resolution 0.1%RH
Accuracy of humidity ±1%RH
Testing time 0.1~999.9h (can be changed into “min”)
Speed of circulating air 0.1~0.8m/s
Breathable area 2826mm² (60mm GB12704) or 4534mm² (76mm ASTM E96)

Or 5408mm² (83mm BS 7209) or 2826mm² (60mm JIS L1099)



Dimension 740×670×1185mm 1050×635×1170mm
Weight 200kg 250kg
Power supply AC 220V 50/60HZ 4KW AC 220V 50/60HZ 4KW



Standard accessories


1set Soak Cup(GB Standard, and can be changed into other standards according to customer’s requirements)
1pc Power Line
Optional accessories


1set Soak Cup (ASTM standard)
1set Soak Cup (BS standard)

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