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Product Description


This BN-8026 automatic bending stiffness tester used for detecting the bending stiffness of paper and paperboard, which can be used to simultaneously detect the bending stiffness properties of sheet materials such as films, mica sheets, graphite sheets, and composites.



GB/T 2314, GB/T 2236, ISO 5628, ISO 2493


Technical parameters:

Measuring range (0~500) mN.m, (0~10000) mN, choose according to needs
Accuracy ±0.1mN below 50mN, the rest ±0.5%
Span range span length 5~60mm
Angular velocity control 0.5 – 50 °/sec adjustable
Bending time choose different bending time according to the elasticity of the material, and can be set by yourself within the range of 5~35s
Bending angle (1~92º infinitely adjustable), common angle (±7.5º or ±15º) ±0.3º
Operation interface 7 inch touch screen operation interface, visual menu operation
Sensor Replacement Quick sensor replacement
Printout Thermal printer
Dimensions 350mm*330mm*350mm
Weight 25kg


Optional Special sampler for bending stiffness:

Technical parameters:

Sampling size: 80*38mm bending stiffness

Tool material: chrome steel, adding molybdenum and vanadium, 10,000-wire high-precision wire cutting CNC fine grinding, high temperature quenching for 3 times, higher durability

Parallelism of the two long sides: ≤0.015mm

Sampling thickness: (0.1~1.2)mm

Dimensions: About300*90*90mm

Weight: 10kg

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