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Product Description


BN-8027 digital touch screen paper tearing tester is used to measure the tearing strength of various types of paper or paperboard, according to Elmendorf tearing principle, but also for tearing properties test of plastic film, composite film, sheet, textiles and nonwovens. In line with ISO1974, TAPPI 414, GB / T455.


Technical parameters:

  1. Measuring range: 0-1000mN
  2. Tear force arm: 104±1mm
  3. Initial tear angle: 27.5±0.5 °
  4. Tear distance: 43± 0.5mm
  5. Clamp paper surface size: 25*15mm
  6. Maximum clamping area: 6.48cm2
  7. Distance between the paper clippers: 2.8±0.3mm for tearing
  8. Clamping torque ratio: tear 2.2:0.7
  9. Number of free pendulums: min≥20, mid≥25, stand≥35.
  10. Specimen size: tear (63±0.5) mm x (50±2) mm
  11. Cutter force arm ratio: tear 14:5.5
  12. Man-machine interface:
        5 inch touch screen English display interface
        Thermal printer to test datas storage
  1. Size: tear 410mmx310mmx550mm
  2. Weight: about 23kg

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