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Product Description


YG751D Constant Temperature Humidity Chamber, used to conditioning of samples prior to testing. It also can be used for a variety of materials of high – low temperature alternating test. The test temperature, humidity and time can be programmed.



  1. Touch screen, South Korean import,900 temperature controller
  2. Control mode: Touchpad
  3. Display: Touch display, Korean TEMi880, programmable.
  4. System capacity:120 groups program X100 sections, required segmentation sections of each group can be arbitrarily divided and
  5. Each program can freely link another.
  6. Cycle setting: each operation procedure can carry out 9999 times or heaps of times cycle and repeated performance, and to the degree, divide further 5 segmentation sections to do part cycle of the extra.


Technical parameters:

Model YG751D (80L, 150L, 250L)
Temperature range -20~150℃, -40~150℃, -60~150℃
Humidity range 20%~98%, can be set.
Rate of temperature increasing


Room temperature~150℃ About 45 minutes(non-linear

no-load, about 3.5℃/minute

Room temperature~-20℃ About 45 minutes(non-linear

no-load, about 1.2℃/minute)

Machine precision




Control accuracy (test precision) Temperature +/-0.5℃
  Humidity +/-1%RH
Distribution accuracy (uniformity) Temperature +/-1.0℃
  Humidity +/-2%RH
Environment temperature 5℃-28℃
Environment relative humidity ≤85%RH
Power voltage 220V AC(+/-10%), protect ground wire, ground resistance≤4Ω.
Frequency 50+/-0.5Hz
Power switch Air-break switch(40A, knife switch or outlet is prohibited to use.)
Power 4.5KW
Humidification water Resistivity(≥500MΩ)
Requirement of ambient air quality Do not contain high concentration dust and flammable gas, without strong electromagnetic radiation source nearby.

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