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Product Description


BN-8062A Automatic Horizontal Tensile Tester is mainly used to test the tensile strength of in papermaking, plastic film, chemical fiber, aluminum foil production and other industries. This instrument adopts a unique horizontal design. It is a new type of instrument researched and developed by our company according to the latest national standards.


Applicable material:

Paper, cardboard; aluminum foil, aluminum-plastic tape;

Plastic film and other non-metallic materials.

non-woven fabric



Determination of tensile strength, tensile strength, wet tensile strength of tissue paper

Determination of elongation, breaking length, tensile energy absorption, tensile index, tensile energy absorption index, elastic modulus

Measuring Adhesive Tape Peel Strength

Test standards:

ISO 1924-1, ISO 1924-2:2008 Paper and board—Determination of tensile properties—Part2:Constant rate of elongation method(20mm/min)
ISO 12625-4:2016 Tissue paper and tissue products—Part 4:Determination of tensile strength,stretch at maximum force and tensile energy absorption
ISO 12625-5:2016 Tissue paper and tissue products—Part 5: Determination of wet tensile strength
TAPPI T494 Tensile properties of paper and paperboard (using constant rate of elongation apparatus)
GB/T 12914-2018 Paper and board – Determination of tensile strength – Constant speed tensile method (20mm/min)
GB/T 24328.3-2020 Sanitary paper and its products – Part 3: Determination of tensile strength, elongation at maximum force value and tensile energy absorption
GB/T 24328.4-2020 Sanitary paper and its products – Part 4: Determination of wet tensile strength


  • The transmission mechanism is guided by ball screw and linear guide rail, and the transmission is stable and accurate.
  • Servo stepping motor is adopted, with low noise and precise control.
  • Real-time display of stretch curves.
  • The ARM processor improves the response speed of the instrument and ensures the real-time performance of the measurement.
  • Sudden power-off data storage function, the data before power-off after power-on is retained and the test can be continued.
  • Features of automatic reset, data memory, overload protection and fault self-diagnosis.
  • Cooperate with microcomputer software for communication (purchased separately).

Technical parameters:

  • Measuring range (0.15~30)N /(1~300)N /(3~1000)N
  • Display resolution 0.01N(WL30) / 0.1N(WL300) / 0.1N(WL1000)
  • Indication error ±1% (range 5% to 100%)
  • Display 7-inch color touch screen
  • Print thermal printer
  • Working stroke 300mm
  • Sample width 15mm (25mm, 50mm optional)
  • Tensile speed (1~500)mm/min (can be adjusted arbitrarily)
  • Communication interface RS232 (default) (USB, WIFI optional)
  • Power supply voltage AC(100~240)V, (50/60)Hz 100W
  • Working environment temperature (10~35)℃, relative humidity ≤85%
  • Dimensions 800×400×300 mm
  • Net weight 35kg

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