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Product Description


BN-8057 Somerville-Type Pulp Screening Fractionator (Somerville-type Fractionator) is used in pulping papermaking laboratory, it can be used to wipe off those impurity in the pulp, to measure the impurity content in the pulp, to reduces those not to conform to the technological requirement impurity quantity that suspending liquid in the papermaking experiment in the paper pulp so that we can obtains the pure good thick liquid.





Technical datas

  • Screen frame size: 320mm*270mm
  • Screen selection: 0.15/0.20/0.25/0.30mm, depending on the type of fiber (standard 0.25mm)
  • Vacuum chamber amplitude: 3.6mm
  • Screening: L45*W0.15mm (Standard)
  • Weir plate height: 180mm
  • Hydraulic shearing: the mesh surface is fixed, and the tap water goes straight to the bottom
  • Vacuum Coverage: Coverage is greater than 85%.
  • Screen plate replacement: The screen plate can be replaced at any time, and the replacement takes about 2 minutes
  • Slurry vibration frequency: 100~1000 rpm infinitely adjustable, standard sieving speed 690~700rpm, digital display for manual adjustment
  • Control system: equipped with sequential control system
  • Compliant with standards: TAPPI275, UM242.
  • Water source requirements: water flow rate 8.6 L/min; water pressure 18psi (1.23 Kg/cm2). Actual 0~0.2Mpa adjustable (0~14L/min adjustable), according to the actual water pressure
  • Water level constraint: weir plate can be removed quickly
  • Power supply: AC220V/50Hz

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