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AF-640A Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer is suitable for trace or ultra-trace analysis of 12 elements of mercury, arsenic, antimony, bismuth, selenium, tellurium, lead, tin, germanium, zinc, cadmium, and gold in various samples

“Efficient mercury removal technology” environmentally friendly atomic fluorescence spectrometer, large flow active capture system effectively solves mercury pollution, purifies the laboratory environment, and ensures the safety of operation

AF-640A can realize and ultra trace level(ng/mL) determination of As, Sb, Bi, Zn, Cd, Hg, Ge, Sn, Pb, Se and Te.

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Light source system
Compatible with single or double cathode hollow cathode lamps from any lamp factory
The new pulse power supply method effectively improves the stability of the hollow cathode lamp and reduces the drift of the instrument
The main current and auxiliary current of the double-cathode hollow cathode lamp are automatically matched by the microcomputer control

Optical system
A dispersion-free closed-light optical system condensing light by a short focal length lens

Sample introduction method
Complete continuous flow-intermittent sampling system
Unique pressure balance module improves the stability of test results
Newly designed mercury analysis enhancement module greatly improves the sensitivity and stability of mercury analysis
Peristaltic pump sampling system, stable, accurate and reliable flow rate
Simple structure, clear flow path and easy operation
Hydride/Vapor Generation System
The effect of bubbles can be completely eliminated in the online hydrogenation reaction, the gas-liquid separation effect is good, and the waste liquid is automatically eliminate

Atomic system
Accurate temperature control ensures stable and reliable analysis results
With anti-oxidation ability, safe and reliable and long service life
“Low-temperature atomization” technology, the argon-hydrogen flame is automatically ignited, which improves the analytical sensitivity of the measured element and reduces the gas phase interference.
Air system
The new integrated valve island type dual gas flow direction automatic control, with automatic gas protection, automatic alarm function

Powerful functions and upgrade and expansion capabilities
AFS-640A Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer highlights the advanced concept of environmental protection and saving. It not only has multiple configurations to meet the analysis of different samples at the time of initial purchase, but also provides a convenient and fast field upgrade interface technology for the development of your analysis technology in the future.
Optional PDI-10 and guided workstation system upgrade module can realize speciation analysis of As, Hg, Se and other elements
Optional WM-10 “Ultra-trace mercury in water samples” special device for determination,
Optional VM-10 “gaseous mercury” measurement special device,
Flexible connection between host and automatic sampler
The host can be separated from the autosampler to achieve semi-automatic operation
Equipped with automatic sampler controlled by microcomputer to realize fully automatic measurement
The circular turntable autosampler with multi-ring structure is small in size and accurate in positioning
For large sample volume, the reserved sample tray can be replaced immediately, and the automatic determination can be continued by the computer recognition.

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Circuits and Microcomputer Systems
Modular design of new circuit CAN bus function, highly integrated mainboard structure, enhance anti-interference ability
Adopt high reliability European socket, AMP and other connectors, greatly improve the reliability of the instrument
The host and microcomputer use RS232 standard serial port communication, support USB interface communication

Advanced software operating system
New Windows XP supported Chinese and English Windows software
Real-time display of fluorescence signal, peak shape, measurement data and results
It has the function of multiple measurements between the same sample and peak shape overlap between different samples.
Working curve can realize primary, secondary and cubic automatic fitting
Real-time display of the graph of the fluorescence signal with automatic scaling of the ruler
With single-step operation, continuous operation and automatic sampling multiple operation functions
Various analysis programs, analysis data, and signal graphics can be directly stored and printed
Various analysis report formats to meet the needs of various fields
The expert system provides the physical parameters of each element, the preparation of standard solutions, the pretreatment of samples, the elimination of interference and the bibliography of more than 700 references of domestic and foreign analytical methods.

Technical datas:

Element    Detection Limit (DL)   Relative Standard Deviation (RSD)       Linear Range
As Sb Bi Se Te Pb Sn                    <0.01 µg/L              1%            103
Hg                                             <0.001 µg/L
Cd                                             <0.001 µg/L
Zn                                             <1.0 µg/L
Ge                                            <0.05 µg/L
Gaseous mercury (air, natural gas, laboratory work site, etc.) <1.0 ng/m3 2% 102
Mercury in water samples (drinking water, mineral water, sea water, surface water, etc.) <0.0002 µg/L 2%


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