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Product Description

Instrument application

It can measure total water (TC), total organic carbon (TOC), total inorganic carbon (TIC), non-purging total organic in pharmaceutical water, water for injection, purified water, drinking water, deionized water, power plant water and its source water. Carbon (NPOC) and other indicators; widely used in pharmaceutical water, cleaning verification, water for injection, purified water, drinking water and water source quality control, in medicine, pharmaceuticals, biochemical technology, laboratories and hydropower stations, etc. The field has a wide range of applications.


Instrument features

◆Automatic micro-injection, the sample injection volume can be controlled, no pollutants are generated during the whole test, no harm to the human body and the environment.

◆Advanced micro-signal processing system with several advantages such as online setting, real-time monitoring, self-checking, and flow rate control.

Ensure superior performance and safe operation

◆Ultraviolet digestion device: using high-intensity ultraviolet rays and strong oxidants to digest the sample to maximize the sample

Limiting cracking; low detection limit, suitable for testing low-concentration samples such as medical water, pure water and high-purity water

◆The cooling module power can be adjusted according to the injection volume, which improves the dewatering efficiency of the whole system and ensures access to the detector.

The dryness of the gas ensures high resolution and durability of the detection system

◆Advanced real-time detection software: the sample curve is drawn under the same coordinates, visually showing the repeatability;

Line state, comparing the difference between measured parameters and setting parameters

◆Automatic leak detection control system: real-time detection of gas flow, and alarm setting to prevent gas leakage, maximizing

Keep operators and instruments safe

◆Advanced flow rate control signal processing technology, shielding the impact of flow rate fluctuations, ensuring stable and accurate readings

◆Using TIC reaction tank heating, cooling, dehydration, liquid level monitoring 4-integrated technology, very effective to remove water vapor check

The effect of the measurement results; at the same time, the airflow and flow path are more simplified, saving a lot of analysis time and widening the detection line

◆ The detector uses a 24-bit digital solution to extend the detection range, and the control system uses 32bin signal processing technology.

The performance of the instrument is greatly improved, the detection limit is lower, and most of the standard detection limits and lower determination limits can be met.

Requirements, test accuracy and precision, high sensitivity

◆The design and application of the international advanced non-dispersive infrared detector (NDIR), while using special surface treatment technology

Surgery, making detection more accurate and reliable

◆Using 24-bit A/D conversion technology, the data is more stable, the noise is lower, the detection range is wider, and the speed is faster.

◆The use of 32bin signal processing technology makes the instrument performance more reliable, and has a good thermostat function, temperature difference control

High precision

◆Modular design, easy assembly, maintenance and repair


Technical data

Instrument Model TOC-3000 (wet method)
Detector NDIR (non-dispersive infrared detection)
Measurement Item TC, TIC, TOC, NPOC
Principle Of Digestion UV/persulfate oxidation
Operation Method computer control
Application Object Water sample
Gas Requirements Nitrogen: ≥99.995%
Measuring Range 0-10000mg/l
Detection Limit 5ug/l
Reproducibility 3%
Analysis Time 2-4 minutes per parameter
Digestion Temperature 0-1000 ° C (adjustable)
Sample Temperature 1-95 ° C
Particle Size ≤0.2mm
Maximum Salt Tolerance 85g/L
Power Supply 220±10V AC, 50/60HZ, 1KW
Instrument Size 430*455*440mm

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