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Product Description

The Light Transmittance Haze Tester is based on the National Standard GB/T2410-2008 “Transparency and Haze Test Methods for Transparent Plastics” of the People’s Republic of China and the Standard Test Method for Haze and ASTM D1003 “Luminous Transmittance of Transparent Plastic” is a computerized automatic measuring instrument designed to measure the transmittance and transmission haze of all transparent and translucent parallel planes (plastic plates, sheets, plastic films, flat glass). It has a wide range of applications in defense scientific research and industrial and agricultural production.

It meet the test standards such as GB/T2410-2008, ASTM D 1003-61, JIS K7105-81 and are conducive to technical exchanges at home and abroad.



  • Parallel lighting, hemispherical scattering, and integrating sphere photoelectric receiving method.
  • Using microcomputer automatic operating system and data processing system, no knob operation, easy to use. Up to 2000 sets of measurement result data can be saved, U disk storage function and standard USB interface to establish communication with PC.
  • The transmittance results are directly displayed to 0.01% and the haze is displayed to 0.01%.
  • Due to the use of the modulator, the instrument is not affected by the ambient light, and it is not necessary to use a dark room, which ensures the accuracy of large sample measurement.
  • With thin-film magnetic fixtures and liquid sample cups, it brings great convenience to users.
  • A piece of haze is attached randomly, which makes it easy to check the function of the instrument at any time. (Note: The haze cannot be rubbed, it can be blown with a blow ball).


Technical Parameters:

Instrument model SGW-810
Instrument light source C light source(6447K)
Measuring range Transmittance 0%-100.00%
Haze 0%-100.00% (0%-30.00% Absolute measurement)
                  (30.01%-100% Relative measurement)
Minimum indication Transmittance 0.01%, Haze 0.01%
Accuracy  Transmittance≤1%
When haze<0.5%, ≤±0.1%; when haze>0.5%, ≤±0.3%
Repeatability Transmittance≤0.5%
When haze≤0.5%, 0.05%; When haze>0.5%, 0.1%
Sample window Into window Φ25mm  out window Φ21mm
Display method 7 inch color touch screen
Communication Interface USB/Udisk
Data storage 1000 groups
power supply 220V±22V,50Hz±1 Hz
Instrument size 74omm ×230mm× 300mm
Instrument net weight 21kg


Instrument model SGW-820
Optical system Collimated illumination, diffuse vision, integrating sphere receiving mode

Sample window size: 25mm(incident window)

21mm(exit window)

Light source: C light(6774k) A light(2856k)

Receiver: silicon photovoltaic cells

Electric system Large LED touch screen

Minimum reading: 0.01%(transmittance)


USB port and USB flash drive storage

Range Transmittance: 0 – 100.00%

Haze: 0 – 30.00%

Sample size Solid standard sample size: 50mm×50mm

Tank dimensions: 50mm×50mm×10mm

Film sample size: 50mm×50mm

Calibration sample 40mm×2mm: one piece
Others Dimensions of the instrument: 740mm×270mm×300mm

Weight: 21kg

Power: 220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz

Environment temperature: 5 – 35℃

Main technical specifications Accuracy of transmittance: ≤1%

Accuracy of haze: haze≤0.5%,≤±0.1%;


Repeatability of transmittance: 0.5%

Repeatability of haze: haze≤0.5%,0.05%;


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