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Product Description


YG812G Automatic hydrostatic head tester is used to measure the water resistance of various fabrics (such as canvas, coated cloth, tent cloth, tarpaulin, rainproof clothing cloth and geotextile materials, etc.) that have undergone waterproof treatment.



AATCC 127, ISO 811 , GB/T4744-1997, FZT01005



  1. Built-in wireless Wifi, wireless control through tablet PC.
  2. Driven by a servo motor, the water flow is controlled by a microcomputer, the pressurization rate range is wide and stepless adjustable, and the pressurization rate is accurate.
  3. Imported high-precision pressure sensor is adopted, the sensor is automatically overloaded, and the pressure control adopts dynamic feedback adjustment to effectively prevent pressure overshoot.
  4. Pneumatically clamp the sample, which is convenient and quick, so that the sample is evenly stressed and prevents the sample from being damaged.
  5. Five test modes are optional, pressurization method, constant pressure timing method, constant pressure timing method, deflection relaxation and water seepage and leakage method.
  6. Five test units can be switched freely: Pa, kPa, mmHg, mmH2O, cmH2O, PSI, Bar.
  7. The built-in professional LED lighting device is convenient for observing water drops; it is also equipped with a special water drop recording button; it can record the pressure results of water drops for many times.
  8. With the automatic identification of sample rupture during the experiment, stop and record the experimental value.
  9. The workbench panel and all places in contact with water are all made of stainless steel.
  10. Using industrial camera imaging, automatic recognition of water droplets, automatic recognition of test results, avoiding manual recognition errors, and realizing automatic rating functions.


Technical parameters:

Model Measuring range Accuracy Water pressure rise rate Specimen head area
-5 model 100Pa~50kPa 0.2%F.S (1~100)kPa/min 100cm²
-20 model 500Pa~200kPa (1~100)kPa/min
-50 model 1kPa~500kPa (1~100)kPa/min 7.8cm²(optional)
-100 model customized
  1. Pressure display resolution: 0.01kPa
  2. Sensor test accuracy: ≤1% (5% to 100% within the full range of a single sensor)
  3. Experimental area: 100cm², 7.8cm² (optional)
  4. Pressurization rate: 1kPa~100kPa/min (stepless adjustable)
  5. Working mode: supercharging method, constant pressure timing, constant pressure timing, water seepage and leakage, deflection experiment
  6. Display mode: color screen in Chinese and English
  7. Dimensions: 500×440×780mm
  8. Weight: 70kg
  9. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz 500W

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