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Product Description

We design this XRF type X-ray spetrometer to meet the need of optimizing the product performance and improve the safety protection grade, used for Rohs testing, full-element analysis for minerals, plating thickness testing and precious metals testing, etc. The reliability of the product is improved by using the high voltage source and X-ray tube of the new generation and the testing officiency is improved by the adopting the high power of X-ray tube.


Performance characteristics:
Automatic collimators and filters switch
Professional RoHS detection
In-built SNE improves signal processing ability up to 25 times
Intelligent RoHS analysis software matches with the instrument well
Arbitrary optional analysis and identification models
Multi-variable non-linear regression procedures

Technical specifications:
Measurable elements: S to U.
Detection limit reaches 1ppm.
Element content: 1ppm to 99.9%
Arbitrary optional analysis and identification models
Independent matrix effect correction models
Multi-variable non-linear regression procedure
Excellent repeatability: 0.1%
Long-time working stability: 0.1%
Ambient temperature: 15℃ to 30℃
Power supply: AC 220V±5V, AC purified stabilized voltage power supply.


Standard configurations:
Movable sample platform
Signal-to-Noise Enhancer (SNE)
Electric-cooling Si-PIN detector
Signal detection electronic circuit
High and low voltage power
X-ray tube of high power


Application fields:
RoHS detection and analysis
Detection for concentration of golden, platinum, silver, other precious metals and various jewelries
Detection for plating thickness of metals, concentration of plating solution and plating
Full-element analysis for minerals and other resources
Mainly applied in RoHS directive industries, precious metals and jewelries processing industries; banks, jewelry shops and test institutes; electro plating industries

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