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Product Description

AA4530F atomic absorption spectrophotometer is a single-beam instrument, equipped with a PC and dedicated programs for function controlling and data processing, for testing macro, micro and trace metal elements and semimetal elements.

The instrument provides continuous, peak height and peak area readings for determination of absorbance, concentration and emission intensity, and offers atomic absorption, background absorption and background correction modes, with integration time of 0.1 seconds through 60 seconds. PC menus are used to set the lamp currents, negative high voltages, working wavelengths and combustion conditions for the instrument. Functions available include automatic gain, background correction, automatic energy balance, wavelength scanning, automatic peak finding with peak values, etc. All readings, measurement results, correction curves and operating conditions can be printed.

The instrument provides concentration correction of 1-9 points, allows slope factor adjustment with a single standard sample, offers linear regression, curve fitting, linear and nonlinear standard addition method determination as well as baseline compensation, averages and relative standard deviation, etc.

Main feature:

● completely controlled by the PC operation, can be flexible matching flame, graphite furnace atomizer. The instrument’s lamp current, negative high voltage, operating wavelength and combustion conditions are entered by the PC menu of highly automated atomic absorption spectrophotometer.

● To provide continuous, peak height and peak area for the determination of absorbance, concentration and emission intensity. It has four kinds of signal modes: atomic absorption, background absorption, background correction and emission intensity.

● Integrated floating optical platform design, making the optical system seismic capacity significantly improved, even if the long-term use of optical signals can still remain stable.

● 8 lighthouse, with the same time preheating, automatic rotation switch, automatic ignition, automatic optimization of the working conditions of the hollow cathode lamp function.

● With automatic wavelength scanning, automatic gain, background correction, automatic energy balance, according to the peak search method automatically find the peak and other functions.

● Perfect security chain protection device: the system is not connected to the combustion head is incorrect, gas leakage, air undervoltage, abnormal flameout, etc. with alarm security protection.

● 1-9 points of the standard concentration calibration, a single standard slope can be used to adjust the slope. Linear regression, curve fitting, linear and non-linear standard addition method determination, baseline compensation, mean and relative standard deviation and other functions.

● data processing: super database, with up to 500 or more data from the storage and power storage function, the results of the EXCEL spreadsheet to save the form, test methods and results can be called at any time.

● Optional communication module with soil testing and fertilization special equipment, meet the soil test standard (FERTREC) communication requirements of the communication module.

● Position adjustment: the best height of the flame burner and the automatic setting of the front and rear positions

● Test method: flame absorption method, flame emission

● Results Print: All readings, measurement results, calibration curves and operating conditions.

Technical indicators:

● Monochromator type: Czerny-Turner

● Grating: 1800 lines / mm

● Raster shine wavelength: 250nm

● Wavelength range: 190nm-900nm

● Spectral bandwidth: 0.1 nm. 0.2 nm. 0.4 nm. 1.0 nm. 2.0 nm automatic switching

● Wavelength indication error: ± 0.15nm

● Wavelength repeatability: ≤ 0.04nm

● Absorbance range: -0.1-2.000A

● Baseline stability: ≤0.005A / 30min (Cu line)

● Characteristic concentration: 0.02 μ g / ml / 1% (Cu element)

● Detection limit: 0.004 μ g / ml (Cu element)

● spectral bandwidth deviation: ≤ 0.2nm ± 0.02nm (bandwidth 0.2nm, Cu element)

● Measurement repeatability: ≤0.5% (flame method, Cu element)

● Lighthouse: 8

● Burner: All metal titanium burner

● Sprayer: efficient glass atomizer

● atomization chamber: explosion-proof pre-mixing

● Power: 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 1Hz, 200W

● Host size: 700mmX550mmX530mm

● Net weight: 80kg


● 4510GF graphite furnace system

● AS4020 Graphite Furnace Autosampler

● AS800 cooling water circulation machine

● Hydride generator

● Various elements hollow cathode lamp


● Windows 7 XP 2000 NT is available

● Instrument self-test function

● Password setting function

● The method setting function can set the parameters of the instrument, the calibration curve and the slope re-adjustment parameters and the flame atomizer parameters.

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