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Product Description

HPLC High Performance Liquid Chromatography EX1600
The system includes: a chromatography pump, low pressure mixing and distribution unit, quaternary online degasser, data cable, pump maintenance kit, and 1-cycle maintenance spare parts.

Main technical features: digital linear motor drives tandem pump; infusion unit has process monitoring function; can independently prompt system failure problems and real-time instrument status, which is convenient for customers to replace consumables and maintenance; can automatically switch instruments; excellent machining accuracy and strict testing Process; full computer control and automatic alarm protection function; original patented one-way valve design; floating guide plunger rod design; liquid sensor.

EX1600LPC Digital Quaternary Low Pressure Infusion Pump   Built-in Low-Pressure Gradient Unit,  Vacuum degasser, 4 channel 
“Main parameters: digital linear motor drive series pump
Flow range: 0.001~5.00ml/min with 0.001mL/min steps to adjust the flow
Flow Accuracy: ±0.1% RSD: <±0.05% Pulsation: <1 bar or <1%
Maximum working pressure: 42MPa (conventional) 60MPa (super-efficient system)
Flow stability error: SR≤0.3%
Pressure range: 0.1-42MPa (7250 psi)
Pressure fluctuation: <1 bar or <1%
Solenoid proportional valve control
Mixing Accuracy: ±2%
Mixed precision: ±0.3 SD
Number of Solvents: 5
Delay volume: <360uL
Pump tightness: pressure is 42MPa, time is 10min, pressure drop <0.5MPa

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