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Product Description

 TA-1.0 total organic carbon (TOC) analyzer is high precision offline total organic carbon analysis instrument , using the difference in conductivity detection, high precision, short response time. Products comply with national regulations and standards, can meet the requirements of pharmaceutical water, injection water, ultra pure water and de ionized water off-line testing requirements. On line monitoring and laboratory testing of pharmaceutical water (purified water, injection water), and cleaning validation, electronic industry, food industry, etc.

  TA-2.0 Total organic carbon (TOC) analyzer is developed on the basis of the original offline total organic carbon analysis instrument, which can meet both online and offline test modes for the users. And 3 points can be online measured switching one by one, so the application is more extensive, which can completely meet various on-site use requirements for the customers, thus greatly reducing the on-line monitoring implementation cost for the customers.

Operation Principle
Oxidation organism by UV lamp and convert organic stuff into carbon dioxide, which detection adopted by direct conductivity method. The total organic carbon is the difference of the total carbon (TC)concentration in samples tested after oxidation and not oxidation of the sample total inorganic carbon(TIC), namely: TOC = TC- (TIC).

1—delay line;
2—Oxidation unit;
3—Inorganic carbon conductivity electrode;
4—Total carbon conductivity electrode;
5— ceramic pump

Main features:

  1. A large number of technological upgrading on the basis of TA-1.0, which have no pump pipe and no need to configure the valve device online testing.
  2. The new high performance CPU processor improves the processing speed and precision.
  3. The instrument can save 500 records.
  4. No pump pipe design, which not only reducing consumables, but also simplifying the installation procedure, and make flow rate more stable.
  5. With automatic alarm function, when the data is abnormal, it will remind;
  6. Color touch screen, user-friendly interface, easy to control;
  7. No need to add acid reagent, oxidizing agent and carrier gas, so it can reduce the cost of daily use.
  8. On-line and off-line test of two modes can be free to switch, it is convenient to use in different occasions.
  9. Fully meet the “Chinese Pharmacopoeia”, USP < 643 > and < 2.2.44 > EP on system suitability test, simple and reliable operation;
  10. Independent R&D team, can design various specific programs according to the needs of customers.

Technical parameters:

Measure range 0.001mg/L – 1.500 mg/L(1~1500ppb)
The conductivity test range 0.05μs/cm5-8.000μs/cm
Accuracy ≤ 3%
repeatability error ≤ 3%
Zero drift ≤±5
The temperature of the sample 1- 90 ℃
Ambient temperature 5-65℃
Power 220V AC/50HZ;100W
Dimension 410mm*240mm*310mm(length*width*height)
Weight 8.5kg
Display screen Color touch screen

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