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This STA300 Synchronous thermal analyzer ( Simultaneous thermal analyzer) was combined with differential thermal analysis TGA and DTA or differential scanning calorimetry DSC, and TGA and DTA and DSC were obtained by using the same sample in the same measurement. It mainly measures the physical and chemical changes related to heat, such as the melting point of the material, heat of fusion, crystallization and crystallization heat, phase change heat, thermal stability (oxidation induced period), glass transition temperature, adsorption and desorption, Composition analysis, decomposition, combination, dehydration, additives and other changes in the study. The versatile design with rich options is the ideal tool in your lab. The instruments are widely used in most materials, including plastics, rubber, synthetic resins, fibers, coatings, grease ceramics, cement, glass, refractories, fuels, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, refractories and so on.


The following characteristics of the measurement and study materials:
DSC: melting, crystallization, phase change, reaction temperature and reaction heat, heat of combustion, specific heat.
TGA: thermal stability, decomposition, oxidation and reduction, adsorption desorption, free water and crystal water content, composition ratio calculation.

Structural advantage

1. The furnace body is heated by double-row winding of precious metal alloy wires, which can reduce interference, resist high temperature and oxidation.
2. Tray sensor has the advantages of wide test range, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance.
3. The weighing system adopts imported weighing system, which has high stability and good repeatability.
4. Adopt the upper open cover structure, easy to operate. It is difficult to move the sample up and down the furnace body, and it is easy to damage the sample rod.
5. The weighing system is sealed at constant temperature to reduce the influence of temperature difference on the weighing system.
6. The furnace body adopts double-layer insulation, and the heat loss is small.
7. The heating of the instrument is controlled by PID, with high precision and small pulse.
8. USB two-way communication is adopted between the software and the instrument, so that remote operation can be realized completely, and the parameters of the instrument can be set and the operation of the instrument can be stopped through computer software.
9. Multi-stage setting, multi-stage heating and constant temperature
10. The software sets the parameters of the instrument and stops the operation of the instrument.
11. 7-inch full-color 24bit touch screen, better man-machine interface. TG calibration can be realized on the touch screen.


Technical parameters
1. Temperature range: room temperature ~1550℃
2. Temperature resolution: 0.01℃
3. Temperature fluctuation: 0.1℃
4. Heating rate: 0.1~100℃/min
5. Temperature control mode: PID algorithm control, heating, constant temperature and cooling.
6. Constant temperature time: 0~300min.
7. Measuring range of balance: 0.01mg~3g, which can be extended to 30 g.
8. Program control to realize multi-stage temperature control.
9.DSC range: 0 ~ 600 MW
10.DSC resolution: 0.001mW
11. Accuracy of weighing system: 0.01mg
12. Constant temperature time: 0~300min.
13. Display mode: 24bit color, 7-inch LCD touch screen display.
14. Atmosphere device: built-in gas flowmeter, including two-way gas switching and flow control.
Atmosphere: inert, oxidizing, reducing, static and dynamic.
15. Software: Intelligent software can automatically record TG curves for data processing and print experimental reports.
16. Curve scanning: heating scanning and cooling scanning.
17. power supply: the power supply and the weighing system are shielded to avoid the interference of alternating current (AC220V 50Hz).
18. Operating software: it can switch the application switching test meeting the requirements of differential display, differential heating, thermogravimetry and synchronous heating.
19. Communication interface: USB communication.

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