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Product Description


BN-8056 Schopper-Riegler Pulp Beating Freeness Tester (SR beating degree tester) is an instrument developed by our company according to the national standard requirements to detect the degree of pulp beating, also known as the beating degree. The instrument is mainly used to measure the drainage rate of diluted pulp suspension, and it is a routine instrument in the laboratory of pulp and paper enterprises.



GB/T 3332-1982, ISO 5267-1Determination of beating degree for pulps  (Schopper–rieger method )


Technical parameters:

  • Measuring range: (0~100)SR, (5~95)SR valid
  • Operation mode: automatic release test, desktop type
  • Seal adjustment method: automatic locking seal
  • Side tube adjustment: With side tube adjustment knob, the remaining volume can be adjusted arbitrarily
  • Overflow discharge time: 149±1s
  • Overflow calibration configuration: self-contained flow rate calibration adjustment device
  • Remaining volume: (7.5~8.0)ml
  • Cone rising speed: 100±10mm/s
  • Instrument size and weight: 460*400*750mm, 50kg

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