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Product Description


BN-PFI02 Laboratory PFI Type Pulp Refiner (Laboratory Beating PFI Mill) is a standard laboratory pulp mill refiner machine with a number of blades and a smooth beating roller that rotates in the same direction but has a different peripheral speed, applies a certain beating pressure to allow the mechanical role between the beating roller and beating chamber, to achieve the purpose of beating. Adjustable the gap between the beating roller and the beating chamber to control the pulp, a wide range and good reproducibility. Especially for medium and high concentration beating for all kinds of chemical and semi-chemical pulps.



ISO 5264 / 2-1979 “Pulp Lab beating – Part II: PFI Grinding” and ISO 5264/2, TAPPIT248.



  1. Automatically lift and lower the knife
  2. Automatic feeding and retracting
  3. Equipped with PLC programming intelligent control knife pressure system
  4. According to ISO/TAPPI/QB standard, 3 gears of knife pressure are preset, and the preset knife pressure can be directly selected, and the system can automatically pressurize according to the preset knife pressure.
  5. Non-standard special process refining, which can realize arbitrary setting of 0~5N/mm knife pressure, and the system automatically pressurizes according to the set knife pressure.
  6. Equipped with a knife pressure calibration station, which can realize regular knife pressure calibration.
  7. Equipped with pulp tank cleaning sewage outlet
  8. Equipped with a closed studio, which can play the role of safety protection, blocking slurry splashing, and reducing grinding noise.
  9. Equipped with tool distance adjustment function
  10. Equipped with flying knife safety protection function.


Technical parameters:

Applicable beating degree range Absolute water filtration performance (4~96) °SR
Standard refining consistency 10%
Process refining consistency (1~30)%
Standard refining pressure (1.77±0.1)N/mm, (3.33±0.1)N/mm, (4.89±0.1)N/mm three presets
Process pressure (0~5.0±0.1)N/mm range arbitrarily set knife pressure
Raising & lowering Automatic raising and lowering, pneumatic control
Feeding & Retracting Automatic feeding, automatic retracting, no handle operation
Pressurized method Air pressure intelligent control system
Flying knife rotor Outer diameter: Φ200mm height 50mm knife thickness 5mm
Pulp pit Inner diameter: Φ250mm, depth: 53mm, rotational speed: 650±30r/min,
Flying knife material 304 stainless steel
Disc material 304 stainless steel
Flying knife speed (1450±20)r/m
Refining Parallelism Accuracy 0.02mm
Disc gap distance 0~25mm range can be adjusted
Spacing positioning Equipped with secondary spacing positioning locking structure
Operating space Independent fully enclosed work space, splash protection, noise isolation
Pool motor 0.37KW/380v
Knife pressure visual function Knife pressure is visible online
Refining progress visualization function Online visualization of refining progress
Line speed difference (6.6±0.2) m/s.
Disc grinding volume Volume 600ml
Slurry cleaning The bottom is equipped with a pulp outlet to avoid the heavy workload caused by pulping, which can achieve
Power supply 380V, 50HZ
Equipment size 800*1000*1750mm

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