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Product Description

Product Usage
The JY series gel imaging analysis system is suitable for observation, shooting and analysis of gel bands after electrophoresis. With the help of a high-resolution CCD and a zoom lens, a weak electrophoresis band that is difficult for the naked eye to recognize is obtained, and a dedicated filter group is used to effectively filter out background interference noise while maximally controlling the contamination and ultraviolet rays of ethidium bromide (EB). Leak, realize simple and on-screen display, save, mark or edit the electrophoresis results, organize experimental reports, print, online transmission, etc., get rid of the cumbersome operation process of the experimenter, and achieve the incomparable effect of ordinary ultraviolet analyzer or film observation box.

Characteristic feature

• CCD with lower lux and high-resolution, easy to get dim stripes and real-time browse, whole-screen display and simple to operate:

• Six time zoom lens and simple to enlarge and shrink gel photos.

• The center position indicator, which can ensure the gel is placed in the center position.

• Intelligent control box:

• You can realize the control of the zoom, focus, aperture, UV light and white light through panel key.

• Safety function for your eyes that automatically shuts down the UV light when the door is opened and reactivates the UV light when the door is shut.

• Timed shut down: The UV light protection system automatically shuts down the lights after 15 minutes to maximize the life of lamp and vitreous.

• The zoom lens is protected with RS232 interface.

• Drawer-style gel platform, convenient to observe, operate, and cutting gel.

• Transferring plate changes UV-light into white-light.

• Using a multi-layer gel-filter effectively filters background noise.

• You can realize the control of the zoom, focus, aperture, UV light and white light through computer mouse.

• Regular and reliable system convenient to maintain and exchange parts.


Technical specifications

Effective pixels: 1280×1024

Pixel density: 10 bit

Pixel size: 5.4×5.4(um)

Resolution: 1.4 megapixels

Signal to noise ratio: ≥56db

Sensitivity: Can detect the double chain DNA of EB staining below 20pg.

Camera: low illumination and high resolution digital CCD

Zoom lens: F=1:1.2,2/3 inch 6 times zoom lens

Filter: 590(nm)

UV light transmission area(W×L): 250×200(mm)

Visible light transmittance area(W×L): 250×210(mm)

Transmission UV wavelength: 302(nm)

Reflectance UV wavelength: 254、365(nm)

Transmission UV lamp power:302nm(8W)

Reflectance UV lamp power: 254nm(11W)、365nm(11W)

Volume(L×W×H): 470×405×820(mm)

Weight: 29.0kg

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