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Product Description

Model: DNM-9606 Elisa reader

Main technical parameters:

Measurement System: 8-Channel optical system
Measurement Range: 0.000~4.000Abs
Photometric Accuracy: ±1% or ±0.01Abs
Repeatability: ±0.3%
Stability: 0.002Abs
Linearity: ±0.5%
Reading Speed: 5secs/96wells(single wavelength)
7secs/96wells(double wavelength)
Filters: Standard: 4 filters (405, 450, 492, 630 nm) or other wavelength
on request. Totally 10 filters can be installed.
Printer Built-in printer
Display Touch-screen


The instrument utilizes the principle of photoelectric colorimetry and is used together with the enzyme-free reagent, and can be used for detecting the absorbance of the sample in a clinical laboratory, and performing enzyme-linked immunological correlation analysis.
The instrument has a power-on self-test, which automatically selects filters, vibration plates and communication functions;
The instrument can store 200 test programs, save 200 sets of calibration parameters and curves, and store 105 sets of whole board test data;
The instrument has single, dual wavelength and single and double hole detection methods for users to choose;
The instrument has absorbance, qualitative and quantitative analysis functions;
Optional external printer or built-in printer with color touch screen;
The menu operating system of man-machine dialogue mode is simple to operate;

Other models optional:

9602 Microplate Reader.jpg

Model: DNX-9620 Elisa washer
A variety of cleaning methods can be applied to different experimental requirements; The instrument adopts double pump without positive and negative pressure flushing technology, which reduces cross-contamination in the liquid path; the operating system is simple and clear, and can be learned by simple training; The 8×12 or 12×8 96-well and 48-well microplate readers were cleaned in medical and medical research units. It has the function of flushing the pipeline of the instrument itself, which reduces the blockage caused by the crystallization of the washing liquid during use. It has the function of anti-discharge: when the liquid is excessively injected, the excess washing liquid will be automatically sucked away and will not flow to the rack and Inside the instrument; It has two-point liquid absorption function, and the distance between two points is adjustable; It has the function of rinsing at the bottom of the hole, and the rinsing time is adjustable.

Cleaning head: 8, 12 needles
Use the ELISA plate: 96-well, 48-well ELISA plate
Number of cleaning rows: 1-12 rows, any setting;
Soaking time: set in the range of 0 seconds to 3600 seconds;
Washing residual amount: ≤ 1 ul / hole;
Adjustable liquid injection capacity: the injection volume per hole is continuously adjustable in the range of 0μl-10000μl, stepping 10ul;
Adjustable number of washing cycles: 1 time – 20 times set;
Vibration plate function: set in 0 seconds – 60 seconds;
Anti-flood function: When the anti-repellency function is set, the excess injected liquid will be automatically sucked away;

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