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Product Description

Laboratory vacuum drying ovens are widely used in research and application fields such as biochemistry, chemical pharmacy, medical and health, agricultural scientific research, environmental protection, etc., for powder drying, baking and disinfection and sterilization of various glass containers.


Outer Shell Material: Cold-rolled steel sheet surface spray

Inner Material: SUS304 Stainless steel

Overall molding Silicone rubber door seal rings with high Air tightness

Tempered bulletproof double glazed door

HZK-Z and HZK-LC dryers’ heater locates above the inside partition, controls the temperature with short-time heating performance and temperature uniformity in each level

Microprocessor PID temperature control, accurate and reliable

Timing range: 0-9999min

Parameters auto saving system and automatic start after power interruption

Optional device:

Independent external temperature protection device

LCD temperature controller

LCD temperature conctoller and RS485 Communication serial port

LCD temperature controller and Micro pinhole printer

RS485 to USB Adapter

Technical data:

Model HZK-25 HZK-55 HZK-Z-90 HZK-Z-210 HZK-LC-90 HZK-LC-210
Teamperature Control Range 50℃-200℃ 50℃-250℃ 50℃-200℃
Temperature Fluctuation ±1℃
Vacuum Degree <133Pa
Vacuum Degree Display Pointer vacuum pressure gauge Pointer vacuum pressure gauge, Spinning Adjustable Vacuum Degree LCD Display, Touching Adjustable Vacuum Degree
Vacuum Degree Control Manual Automatic differential pressure control Pressure Sensor, Deviation control
Vacuum Mode Vacuum pump (User-owned) Vacuum pump
Work Room Dimension(CM) 33*33*28 42*35*37 45*45*45 56*60*64 45*45*45 56*60*64
Capacity(L) 30 54 91 215 91 215
Outline Dimension(CM) 58*57*45 71*59*53 61*66*145 72*82*175 61*66*145 72*82*175
Shelves Aluminum*1 Aluminum*2 Fixed electric aluminum plate*2 Fixed electric aluminum plate*3 Fixed electric aluminum plate*2 Fixed electric aluminum plate*3
Rated Power(W) 500 1400 1600 2200 1600 2200
Power 1Φ220V 50Hz

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