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Product Description

Anaerobic Incubator


Scope of Application:

This instrument is used to cultivate and handle anaerobic microbes in non-oxygen environment. It provides strict anaerobic condition, constant temperature condition and a systematic and scientific working area. The anaerobic organism which is the most difficult to cultivated can be cultivated in this instrument and can avoid the death of organism caused by being exposed to the atmosphere during operation.

This can be applied for medical institution in inspection and research of pathogenic anaerobic bacterium, microbiological examination brewing of food hygiene, and other hypoxia, microaerobic, or oxygen-free environment.


Structure Characteristics:

  • This product is consisted of thermostatic incubator, anaerobic operating room, sampling room, air and electricity control system, cabinet frames, bottle holders and wax-melting sterilizer
  • Strict anaerobic, micro-anaerobic and low anaerobic can be realized by using air in different composition
  • Microprocessor PID temperature control, accurate and reliable for work room temoerature
  • Inner UV germicidal lamp
  • Inner Material: SUS304 Stainless steel
  • Impact resistant special transparent glass plates used in anaerobic operating room and sampling room

Special gloves shall be used to operate

  • Special inoculation stick sterilizer, wax-melting disinfection device and oxygen removal catalyst in the anaerobic operating room
  • HYQXIII-Z: Cubigel refrigeration compressor, effective and energy saving; Freon-free environment friendly refrigerator
  • Optional device:

Independent external temperature protection device

RS485 communication serial port for HYQX-II and HYQX-III

Micro pinhole printer or micro thermal printer for HYQX-II and HYQX-III


Model Specification:

Work Room Temperature RangeRoom Temperature +3℃-60℃10℃-60℃
Temperature Uniformity≤±1℃
Temperature Fluctuation≤±0.3℃
Anaerobic LevelOxygen Content in Opearating Room: ≤1%Oxygen Content in Opearating Room: ≤0.5%
Forming Time for Anaerobic in Sampling Room≤5min≤15min
Forming Mode for Anaerobic( micro-anaerobic) in Sampling RoomVacuum and Gas Replacing 99.99% N2

Vacuum and Mixed Gas ( 5%H2 10%CO2 85%N2)

Forming Operation for Anaerobic in Sampling RoomManual ButtonOne-button Automatic
Forming Time for Anaerobic in Operating Room≤1H≤2H
Forming Mode for Aaerobic( micro-anaerobic) in Operating RoomVacuum and Gas Replacing 99.99% N2

Vacuum and Mixed Gas ( 5%H2 10%CO2 85%N2)

Lasting Time for Anaerobic in Operating Room>12H (Under the circumstance when the supply for small amout of mixed gas has been stopped)
Forming Operation for Anaerobic in Operating RoomManual ButtonOne-button Automatic
Work Room Dimension

WxDxH (cm)

25*19*2942*30*50Operating Room is the Work Room
Capacity(L)1363355 Operating Room is the Work Room
Sampling Room Dimension

WxDxH (cm)

Opearting Room Dimension

WxDxH (cm)

Outline Dimension

WxDxH (cm)

Temperature ControllerLED display and P.I.D. temperature controllerLCD display and P.I.D. temperature controller
Rated Power (W)6006007301000
Power1Φ 220V 50Hz


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