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Product Description

YG141 Digital Fabric Thickness Tester, is used to measure the thickness of various woven fabrics, knitted fabrics and uniform thin materials.

GB/T3820, FZ/T01003, ISO5084/9073/9863, ASTM D1777, etc.

Technical Parameters:
1. Measuring thickness range: 0~10mm, resolution: 0.01mm
2. Presser foot area: 100mm2, 2000mm2, 2500mm2, 10000mm2
3. Ballast weights: two 5cN/10cN/two 50cN/two 100cN/400cN/1000cN
4. Weight time: 10s, 30s
5. Power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz 100W
6. Dimensions: 410×170×300mm
7. Weight: about 15kg

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