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Product Description

SW-CJ medical vertical laminar flow cabinet also named of vertical laminar flow clean bench, using high-quality HEPA air filters to prevent sample contamination. SW-CJ medical vertical laminar flow cabinet clean bench is widely used in medical and health, pharmaceutical, chemical experiments and other fields, and provides a purification workbench with sterile and dust-free clean environment.

1. Vertical flow direction
2. Adopt adjustable air volume fan system, touch switch and stepless voltage adjustment. Ensure that the wind speed in the working area is always in an ideal state.

Model Specification:

Clean gradeGrade 100(209 E U.S. Federal)Grade 100(209 E U.S. Federal)Grade 100(209 E U.S. Federal)
Number of bacteria≤0.5per utensil.hour(90mm utensil)≤0.5per utensil.hour(90mm utensil)≤0.5per utensil.hour(90mm utensil)
Wind speed0.25-0.45m/s (fast and slow 2 speeds)0.25-0.45m/s (fast, medium and slow 3 speeds)0.25-0.45m/s (slow,medium and fast 3 speeds)
Working area dimension(W*D*H)700*490*515mm870*580*515mm870*580*515mm
Overall dimension(W*D*H)855*550*1600mm1030*670*mm1030*650*1600mm
HEPA filter size and quantity695*460*38*1pc865*555*38mm*1pc865*555*38mm*1pc
Fluorescent/UV lamp specifications and quantity15W*1PC / 15W*1PC20W*1PC / 20W*1PC20W*1PC /20W*1PC
Operatorone person/two person/three person/optional

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