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Product Description

Application areas

BN-8020 corrugated box compression and stacking strength tester are used to test box compression strength and stacking strength, it can be used test small size box, middle size box, large size box, and so on.



ISO2872, ISO2874, TAPPI-T804, JIS-20212, ASTM-D642, BS EN ISO 12048, GB/T4857.16, GB/T8167, GB/T8168, GB/T4857.3, GB/T4857.4, QB/T1048


Instrument features

  • Gantry structure design, double ball screw, parallelism is good, good stability, long service life;
  • The use of AC system control, the use of the latest segmentation technology, the instrument positioning accuracy, fast response, saving the test time and improve the test efficiency;
  • Over-range alarm function, protection of precision sensors;
  • Using high-speed ARM processor, a high degree of automation, data acquisition fast, automatic measurement, intelligent judgment function, safe and reliable;
  • Using 32-bit high-precision AD converter (resolution of up to 1 / 10,000,000) and high-precision load cell to ensure that the instrument force data collection of the rapidity and accuracy;
  • Using modular integrated thermal printer, easy to change paper;
  • Chinese and English switch operation menu (Chinese-English), and can switch at any time;
  • Can be connected to computer software, with real-time display compression curve function and data analysis tube function;

Technical parameters:

  • Force range :(25~5000)/(50~10000)(100~30000)N

(100~50000)N, more other can be choosed

  • Measuring size:(600*600*600)mm/(800*600*800)mm


  • Accuracy:0.01N
  • Force accuracy:less then ±1%
  • Deflection error:≤±1mm
  • Force range:4%~100%FS
  • Parallelism:≤1mm
  • Test speed:(10±3)mm/min(:5±1mm/min)
  • Return speed:90mm/min
  • Unit interchange:N/Lbf /kgf interchange
  • Testing function:compression strength, static compression strength, stacking strength
  • Printer:thermal printer
  • Environment:temperature(20±10°C, moisture <85%
  • Dimension: base on compression space
  • Weight:about 300kg

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