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Product Description

The Bio-Reader300 multi-purpose chemiluminescence immunoassay fluorescent microplate reader offers affordable high performance detection solutions, powered by monochromator and filter based technologies.
The Bio-Reader300 multi-purpose microplate reader is a high performance multi-mode detection instrument to provide a simple means of detecting advanced chemistries. This instrument provides researchers UV-visible absorbance measurements, flexible use of filters for fluorescence intensity and filtered luminescence measurements.


· UV / Vis Absorbance

Wavelength selection in Bio-Reader300 is done by using an advanced monochromator system. Any wavelength between 200 to 1000nm can be selected. Using the spectral scanning feature, the whole spectrum of a sample be scanned in 1nm increments to allow identification of the optimal measurement wavelength for a new assay.

· Fluorescence

Bio-Reader300 is equipped with filter-based fluorescence optics and dichroic mirrors for screening applications such as fluorescence polarization, and TR-FRET. Standard applications such as fluorescence-based DNA/RNA quantification assays are not only supported in microplates, but also in low volume u-Nano Ultra-Micro plate.

The independent removable filter modules make it more convenient for users to replace the filter. The filter-based fluorescence optics detection ensures high sensitivity, greater light transmission, precise control over transmitted peak shape, excellent blockage of undesired wavelengths. This is ideal for excitation and emission applications. The filters are also the technically preferred and most cost efficient technology for non-absorbance based assays.

· Luminescence

Bio-Reader300 has been designed with a dedicated luminescence detection system for both flash and glow based assays. It can offer excellent sensitivity and wide dynamic range in luminescence measurement. The optimized precision dual-channel injectors ensure the detection performance of the 96-well and 384-well plate. The PMT enhances the maximum sensitivity of weak luminescence signals, prevents oversaturation of high signals, effectively improves the detection range of luminescence and minimizes signal crosstalk between wells.

· User Authority Classification

User permissions are divided into four levels, with clear permissions to avoid the occurrence of misuse by researchers;

Administrator can manage the accounts of different sub-users;

The users have independent accounts and passwords to ensure the safety and confidentiality of experimental results.

· Intuitive Interface Display

Intuitive selection of function modes, easy parameter setting;

The layout colors are distinguished clearly, convenient to be checked for the position of the sample;

Programs and results are stored independently, making it easy to be found the required applications.

· Powerful Data Analysis and Process

Provide multiple data processing methods including blank subtraction, standard curve creation, qualitative analysis, quality control, kinetics and spectral analysis to help you obtain the analysis results you want;

Algorithm customization: according to your assays needs, you can customize the required algorithm, tailor-made for convenient assays.

· Liberalized User Communication

The software has with a shared library, which can store the program, results and standard curves for sharing them with others;

The program and standard curve can be created in real time to a QR code, and the required content can be imported only by scanning the code with the instrument.

· FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Upload the data directly to a computer with a FTP server, and users can view the data results at any time in the authorized folder.

Technical datas:

Basic InformationLinear dynamic range6 logs
FunctionAbsorbance, fluorescence, luminescenceShaking & Incubation
Plate Formats96 & 384 wells (6/12/24/48 optional)Shaking modeLinear, circular, double circular
AbsorbanceIncubation temperatureRT +4°C to 45°C
Light sourceHigh energy xenon flash lampTemperature
Wavelength accuracy2nmSoftware interfaceChinese/English
0.2nmScreen size10-inch LCD display
Half width (FWHM)≤2.5nmOperation methodTouch capacitive screen; use mouse
Wavelength range200-1000nm, 1nm stepData capacity10 GB
Measuring range0-4 ODCompatibilitySupport PC software, win7 to win10 64 bit
Resolution0.0001 ODData transmissionTest data report can be uploaded to PC
server via FTP
Accuracy96-precision mode
±(1.0%+0.003Abs) @ (0.0-2.0Abs]
±2.0% @ (2.0-3.0Abs]
Instrument port2 USB A type ports / 1 USB B type port
1 Ethernet port
Rs232 bus interface (sampling device connection)
RepeatabilityCV < 1.0% or SD< 0.003 Fast (0.0-3.0Abs]
CV < 0.5% or SD< 0.003 Accurate (0.0-3.0Abs]
Stray light0.1%@220 nmSize (WxDxH)420x550x386mm
LinearR2≥0.999@[0.0-3.0Abs]Power supplyAC 100 to 240V, 50 to 60Hz
Reading time96-well plate: fast<15sWeight33kg
Fluorescenceu-Nano Ultra-Micro Plate (Optional)
Reading modeTop readingNumber of samples1-16
Excitation light sourceHigh energy xenon lampSample detection
DetectorPMTAutomatic Injector Module (Optional)
Wavelength rangeEX: 200-1000nm; EM: 270-850nmQuantity1, 2
Filter EX / EM3 groups(470nm/525nm,523nm/564nm,


5-1000μL, 1μL increment
Detection limit≤1pMLiquid injection
Linear dynamic
6logsAccuracy±1μL@5-50μL ±2% @ 51-1000μL
LuminescenceWaste liquid
DetectorPMTPC Software (Optional)
Detection limit15 amol/holeAnalysis softwareReaderIt-II

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