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Product Description

DI1500-OL total organic carbon (TOC) analyzer is an instrument specially used to detect total organic carbon in deionized water such as purified water, water for injection, ultrapure water, etc. Online detection, meet the requirements of GMP and 21 CFR PART 11 computerized system verification. The instrument is controlled by software installed on the computer and performs data analysis and processing. It has more complete functions, rich display content, convenient data query and simple operation.

Application field
1. Detect the concentration of total organic carbon in purified water, water for injection and high-purity water in the pharmaceutical industry.
2. Detection of TOC in ultrapure water in the semiconductor industry, power plants, scientific research units, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, etc.
3. On-line monitoring of water production system in pharmaceutical industry, ultrapure water preparation system and wafer process in semiconductor industry, deionized water preparation process in power plant, etc.

Performance characteristics
1. The instrument is IP65 protection grade (waterproof and dustproof).
2. Computer port operation, one port can control multiple detection units.
3, with electronic signature, audit trail and other functions.
4. Ultraviolet lamp and peristaltic pump are easy to observe and maintain.
5. The disassembly-free design is convenient for observation and maintenance of working conditions.

Technical parameter
Power supply: (100-240)VAC 50/60Hz
Power: 100W
Indication error: ±5%
Repeatability: RSD≤2% (JJG98-2007 750.0μg/L; JB/T 20178-2017 Pharmaceutical Water Total Organic Carbon Analyzer)
Detection range: (0-1500.0) μg/L
Water sample required conductivity range: (0-5.1) µS/cm@25℃
Sample temperature: (1-99) ℃
Ambient temperature: (10-60) ℃
Signal output: (4-20) mA, RS485, 12V alarm output

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