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Product Description

Application field

It can be used to determine the total organic carbon (TOC) index of pure water, deionized water and water for injection in the pharmaceutical industry; for the detection of ultrapure water TOC in semiconductor industry, power plants, research institutes, laboratories, etc.; in the pharmaceutical field and biology In the chemical field cleaning verification process, it can be used to check the cleaning effect; online monitoring of the water system of the pharmaceutical industry, ultra-pure water preparation system and wafer process of the semiconductor industry, preparation process of deionized water in power plants, etc., widely used in pharmaceutical production , power generation, electronic production, pure water testing in all areas.


Instrument features

◆Automatic micro-injection, the sample injection volume can be controlled, no pollutants are generated during the whole test, no harm to the human body and the environment.

◆Using ultraviolet photocatalytic oxidation method, no need to add acid reagent, catalyst and carrier gas, no additional routine maintenance fee

◆ 7-inch color touch screen, user-friendly interface, easy to operate and maintain

◆The system has password protection function, which meets the requirements of FDA-21 CFR Part 11

◆Bee alarm function when the upper limit value is exceeded, protect the instrument and prevent misoperation

◆Optional external online monitoring device to meet the needs of online monitoring

◆Optional autosampler for continuous testing of many different samples without supervision

◆Compliant with CP2010 version of “Total Organic Carbon Inspection Method” and USP32-643 System Applicability Requirements

◆Designed for the detection of deionized water with a TOC content of 1.5ppm or less. Online and offline detection can be switched.

◆ Mass storage, standard 8GB capacity, unlimited storage time

◆Detection speed is fast, the detection time is less than 3 minutes

◆The history can be queried according to the date of detection, and the historical documents and data are clear and clear.

◆U-disk data copy function, can copy all data in one day according to date, convenient data export and backup

◆With Bluetooth printing function, equipped with compact Bluetooth printer, easy to operate, fast printing

◆Modular design, easy assembly, maintenance and repair


Technical data

Model TOC-1500 (Direct conductivity)
Examination Range 0.001-1.500mg/L
Detection Limit 1ppb
Maximum Allowable Error ±5%
Analysis Time 3min
Response Time Within 10min
Sample Temperature 1-95℃
Ambient Temperature 10-40℃ temperature change within ±5°C/d
Internal Sample Flow Rate 1ml/min
Relative Humidity ≤85%
Zero Drift ±5%
Repeatability Error ≤3%
Range Drift ±5%
Power Supply 220V±22V
Power Frequency 50Hz±1Hz
Rated Power 100W
Instrument Size 440x220x300mm

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