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Product Description

DI1500 Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer is an instrument specially used to detect TOC in purified water, water for injection, ultrapure water and other deionized water. The instrument is controlled by software installed on the computer and performs data analysis and processing. It has more complete functions, rich display content, convenient data query and simple operation.

Application field
The system can be used to detect the concentration of total organic carbon in purified water, water for injection and high-purity water in the pharmaceutical industry; it can be used for the detection of TOC in ultra-pure water in the semiconductor industry, power plants, scientific research institutes, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, etc.

Performance characteristics
1. The operating software developed based on the SQL database improves the user’s work efficiency. Realize intelligence and automation.
2. Fully meet the requirements of GMP for computerized system verification, and meet the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 on the integrity of electronic data, electronic signatures, and audit trails.
3. Dual wavelength UV oxidation + conductivity detection sensor. It has excellent reproducibility and long calibration stability period.
4. Dynamic detection technology combined with professional algorithms to ensure good repeatability of data.
5. The dual sensor configuration of total carbon (TC) and total inorganic carbon (IC) ensures that the interference of inorganic carbon on the detection of organic carbon is excluded.
6. Provide IQ (installation confirmation), OQ (operation confirmation) and PQ (performance confirmation).
7. Self-service replacement of consumables, simple and convenient maintenance.

Technical parameter
Power supply: (100-240)VAC 50/60Hz
Indication error: ±5% (JJG 98-2007 750.0μg/L)
Detection range: (0-1500.0) μg/L
Recommended calibration period: 12 months
Ambient temperature: (10-40) ℃
Rated power: 100W
Repeatability: RSD≤2% (JJG 98-2007 750.0μg/L; JB/T 20178-2017 Pharmaceutical Water Total Organic Carbon Analyzer
Water sample required conductivity range: (0-5.1) μS/cm@25℃
Test time: 4min
Sample temperature: (1-95) ℃
Instrument size: 23cm×24cm×34cm

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