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PUS-2018 clinical semi-auto biochemistry analyzer is used for clinical biochemical quantitative detection of human body fluid components in medical institutions. The instrument has a self-test function, which can detect the optical system and the detection circuit when the power is turned on, so that the instrument can run under normal conditions; 100 inspection programs can be pre-stored, which can be pre-edited and stored by the user according to actual needs, which is more convenient to use; The instrument can monitor the light source signal in real time, and can carry out various methods such as end point method, dynamic method, two-point method and standard curve method. It adopts man-machine dialogue operation mode, which is intuitive and easy to learn and easy to master. The advanced titanium/quartz flow cuvette makes the test results accurate and corrosion resistant, extending the life of the instrument.


Wavelength Range 300-800nm
Measurement Range  -0.100-3.000Abs
Precision  ±2nm
Repeatability ≤0.5%
Stability ≤0.01Abs
Stray Light ≥2.0Abs(340nm)
Cross-contamination ≤0.5%
Colorimetric Pool Titanium Alloy
Temperature Accuracy   ±0.1℃
Test Temperature  25℃,30℃,37℃
Sample Volume 20-50μl
Test Methods End-point, Kinetic, Two-point, Standard Curve,

Factor, Black comparing pipe

Display 5″TFT LCD
Filters 7 standard filters (340, 405, 492, 510, 546, 578, 630nm),

9 filters can be installed at most.

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