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Product Description

LABTD-400 Smart tapped density tester (high configuration) is not only able to test the tap density of the powder, but also designed and produced taking into account the needs of users to characterize the flow characteristics of the powder more deeply. In addition to all the functions and configurations of the mid-range model, the instrument software: set up 2 levels of management authority, administrators and operators, log in with passwords; the speed of the instrument can be set arbitrarily from 0-300 rpm and displayed digitally Actual real speed; 10 commonly used SOP vibration times; automatic calculation of Hausner ratio and compression index; test results can be stored and searched. The above configuration makes the instrument a comprehensive solution for powder fluidity characterization.



  1. 7-inch English color touch screen, keeping up with the trend of the times, convenient to experience technology control;
  2. The precision stepping motor is controlled by the operating system, and the error of the number of rotations is zero, which improves the accuracy of the results;
  3. In accordance with the requirements of Pharmacopoeia 2020, the compression index and Hausner ratio are introduced to make the test items more comprehensive;
  4. 110V/220V wide-voltage power supply, applicable to a wider range of international regions;
  5. Instant storage of test data, the number is 16 or 8000, and can be searched;
  6. The results are perfectly presented by dot matrix printers and can be stored permanently;
  7. The weight error of the measuring cylinder and vibration components is strictly controlled according to the Pharmacopoeia;
  8. The rotation frequency (rev/min) can meet the needs of research and development, and any frequency can be set;
  9. The instrument starts self-inspection and finds problems in time;
  10. Weighing electronic scale (optional)


Technical indicators:

  • Vibration frequency: 0-300 rpm can be set arbitrarily (the speed value can be seen)
  • Working mode: switch between counting and timing, 10 commonly used SOP vibration times
  • Vibration amplitude: 3 mm (expandable to 14 mm and other heights)
  • Loading volume: 25/100/250 mL (other loading volumes are optional)
  • Motor type: precision stepper motor
  • Number of vibration platforms: 2 (expandable to 3)
  • Compliant with standards: National Standard GB/T/International Standard ISO/ASTM Standard//Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2020 ChP/United States Pharmacopoeia USP/European Pharmacopoeia EP
  • Operating system: automated operating system (level 2 authority login password, fault self-inspection, automatic calculation of tap density, automatic calculation of Hausner ratio, automatic calculation of compressibility index, 16 test results can be stored, test results can be searched, vibration amplitude report card display)
  • Result output method: dot matrix printer
  • Display: Color 7-inch touch display
  • Test indicators: powder tap density, powder Hausner ratio, powder compressibility index
  • Working voltage: 220V/1A/50Hz and 110V/1A/60Hz
  • Weight size: 22 kg / width 43x depth 31x height 23cm

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