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Product Description

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The PS-2 Plate Film Sealer (Microplate Heat Sealer) has a compact design and is easy to install. It can prevent sample loss and space cross-contamination caused by liquid evaporation and leakage of various microplates during the detection process by heat sealing various special heat sealing films. Rapid heating, real-time display of sealing temperature, automatic detection of microplate height.


1. Rapid heating (up to 170°C within 300 seconds), precise temperature control.
2. Adjustable sealing plate temperature: 80~200℃, real-time temperature display.
3. Simple operation, suitable for a variety of microplates.
4. Temperature, time and pressure are adjustable to ensure stability.
5. Full viewing angle full brightness OLED display, bright display in dark environment.
6. Small footprint: only 370mm deep x 178mm wide.
7. Power supply: AC120V or AC220V.


Display interfaceLED display, high brightness and no dead spots
Heat sealing temperature80~200℃ (increase of 1.0℃)
Temperature accuracy±1.0℃
Temperature consistency±1.0℃
Heat sealing time0.5~10s (increment 0.1s)
Sealing plate height9 to 48mm, automatic recognition, no adjustment required
Maximum input power300W
Dimensions (D×W×H) mm370×178×330mm
Adapter plate materialPP (polypropylene)/PS (polypropylene)/PE (polyethylene)
Adapter board typeStandard assay plates (ELISA plate, cell culture plate) / PCR plate (full skirt, half skirt and no skirt) / deep well storage plate
Suitable sealing filmFoil – polypropylene material / transparent polyester fiber – polypropylene material / transparent polymer material / thin layer transparent polymer material / foil layer material

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