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Product Description


LABAD-300 Digital Tap Density Meter is a special instrument for testing the tap density of powder. The instrument is manufactured according to the national standard GB/T5162-202X, and complies with the relevant provisions of the international standard ISO 3953-2011. It is a general instrument for measuring powder tap density. The instrument is also equipped with software and weighing equipment. The weighing data can be automatically uploaded to the software, and the software can automatically calculate the test results. The results include four results: tap density, Hausner ratio, bulk density, and compression. The physical properties of the powder can be determined according to the degree of compression and the Hausner ratio of the measured powder.



  • Equipped with calculation software, which can calculate, save and print test reports, and can automatically calculate tap density, bulk density, compression degree, and Hausner ratio. The physical data of the powder can be evaluated according to the test results, and all data can be collected and stored for later processing.
  • Timing and counting can be switched at will.
  • The graduated cylinder can rotate with each vibration to ensure the level of the sample after vibration.
  • Vibration height can be adjusted as required.
  • Vibration components are made of all-aluminum alloy oxidation treatment, which is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Simple, fast and intuitive measurement.


Application fields:

Tap density is an important indicator of powder industry testing. Because the method of measuring tap density is simple and convenient, it has been widely used in powder characterization.

It is suitable for industrial and agricultural production, scientific research institutions and powder-related industries, such as: metal powder, non-metal powder, battery materials, abrasives, ceramics, powder coatings, food, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, etc. It is a test of tap density in the powder industry ideal instrument.


Technical parameters:

  • Sample weight: ≤ 500 grams
  • Sample volume: ≤ 250ml X 2 stations
  • Vibration times: 0-9999.99 times can be set (the national standard is 3000 times)
  • Vibration frequency: 300 times per minute
  • Vibration amplitude: 3mm or 14mm adjustable
  • Measuring cylinder volume: 5ml~250ml
  • Instrument size: 330*170*260 weight 11kg
  • Repeat error: ≤1%
  • Accurate error: ≤1%
  • Motor allowable torque: 0.86 N.m
  • Single vibration times: 0~99999 times
  • Input power: AC 220V (50Hz/60Hz) 40W
  • Graduated Cylinder Rotation: Yes
  • Applicable cylinder volume: 10 ml, 25ml, 50 ml, 100ml, 150 ml, 200 ml, 250 ml
  • Standards: Manufactured according to national standard GB/T5162-202X and international standard ISO 3953-2011
  • Software configuration: Calculation and weighing are completed by software, which can automatically obtain 4 results: tap density, bulk density, compression, Hausner ratio.

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