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Product Description


XNR-400B Melt Flow Index is used for determination of melt flow rate properties of thermoplastic (such as PE, PP, POM, ABS, PC, nylon and Fluor plastics, etc) under high temperature, according to test methods of GB/T3682, ISO1133, ASTM D1238 test standard. It is widely supplied to the production factory and science and research institute.


Technical parameters:

  • Operation interface: English operation
  • Display modes: LCD Display
  • Measurement mode: MFR
  • Measuring range: 0.1-400.00g / 10min (MFR)
  • Temperature range: 30 ℃-450 ℃
  • Temperature constant accuracy: ±0.1℃
  • The cut-off time-interval value: 1-999s
  • The sampling time: 1-999s
  • Cut-off mode: auto or manual
  • Standard test load (8 grades) (0.325kg—21.6kg)
  • Result output: printer output
  • Power: voltage 220V ± 10% 60Hz
  • Weight: about 50KG

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