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Product Description


BN-8060-2 Universal Tensile Strength Testing Machine is widely used to test tensile strength, breaking elongation, adhesion peeling strength, bending and compression test of variety material for rubber, plastic film, braided tape, baling belt, wire and cable, textiles, wire and other metals, non-metallic. It’s the ideal testing machine for scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, industrial and mining enterprises, technical supervision, commodity inspection and arbitration and other departments.


  1. Imported electrical components, high-speed data processing, full English large touch operation menu, can be pre-input specimen parameters and test parameters before the test, after the end of the test automatically calculate and output the maximum force value, elongation, maximum tensile strength, can save multiple groups of test data and results.
  2. Stepless speed regulation (0.5-500mm/min arbitrary setting) screen real-time display of test force, peak, test speed, running status, etc.
  3. The testing machine adopts a single-space test structure, the sensor is tensile and compressive two-way force value induction, tensile or compression tests are completed below, and the test method can be selected in advance;
  4. The machine adopts precision digital motor and digital speed regulation system as the driving device, and drives the precision lead screw pair to load after deceleration system, which has the characteristics of stable transmission, low noise, high running accuracy, wide speed regulation range and long service life.
  5. It has the functions of peak holding, specimen fracture shutdown, return to the origin after the test, etc., and has a variety of protection functions such as upper and lower mechanical limits and electrical overload.
  6. According to the different test subjects, a variety of test methods can be selected, and the corresponding test fixtures can be selected to complete the tensile, compression, tearing, bending, peeling, ring stiffness and other tests.

Technical parameters:

  1. Force range: 0–3KG (10kg,50kg,100kg, 200KG,300KG optional)
  2. Accuracy level: 0.5 level;
  3. Maximum load: 3KG
  4. Effective force measurement range: 0.02/100-100%;
  5. Test force resolution, maximum load 250,000 yards; There is no file inside and outside, and the resolution of the whole process is unchanged;
  6. Effective test width: 25mm;
  7. Effective stretching space: 600mm (Without fixture) ;
  8. Test speed: 5~500mm/min;
  9. Speed accuracy: the ± of the indicated value is within 0.5%;
  10. Displacement measurement accuracy: within 0.5% of the ± of the indicated value;
  11. Acquisition and induction mode: high-precision sensor;
  12. Control system: Panasonic servo motor;
  13. Software measurement and control system: all-digital closed-loop control system, which can realize constant stress, constant strain, constant displacement, and test functions;
  14. Test bench lifting device: computer digital control / manual control;
  15. Test bench safety protection device: software automatic diagnosis, electronic limit;
  16. Test regression: manual can return to the initial position of the test at the highest speed, and automatically return after the end of the test;
  17. Overload protection: maximum load value can be set and automatic protection;
  18. Fixture configuration: customized according to the user’s product sample requirements;
  19. Optional: a set of brand Lenovo LCD computers; One printer;
  20. 20. Motor: 400W;
  21. 21. Weight: about 75kg.

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