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LC-100 HPLC High Performance Liquid Chromatograph Gradient System

Flow rate range: 0.001-10.00 mL/min, in 0.001 mL increments
Flow accuracy: ≤±0.1% (1.00ml/min, H2O,R.T.,8.5MPa);
Flow precision: RSD≤0.06% (1.00ml/min, H2O,R.T.,8.5MPa)
Maximum pressure: 6090 psi ;
Pressure accuracy: ≤±1.0%;
Pressure pulsation: ≤0.1 MPa P100 C Dual-piston reciprocating parallel
Flow Presion: 0RSD<0.06%;
Fluctuation: 0.1MPa ;
Mixing Accuracy :±1%;
Mixing Precision:±0.2%;
Power Supply: 110V / 220V
UV100 Detector :

Wavelength Range: 190-700 nm
Flow cell volume: 8nm;
Wavelength Accuracy: ±1 nm ;
Wavelength Precision: <0.1nm;
Minimum Detectable Concentration: 5×10-9 g/mL;
Noise :±0.25×10-5AU(Static)/±1×10-5AU(dynamic, under specified requirements);
Drift :≤0.4×10-4AU/h(Static)/±2×10-4AU/h (dynamic, under specified requirements);
Power Supply: 110V / 220V ;
WS-100 Chromatographic Data-processing Workstation
Signal Transmission Form :Full digital signal;
Operation Mode:Reflecting and monitoring the operation of instruments’ each unit (editing gradient program for changing wavelength scanning, setting event procedure, spectrum scanning, spectrogram comparison, etc.)
Original Series C18 5μm ID4.6×150mm

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