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Product Description


The online Gloves Integrity Tester GT-2.0 (Offline Gloves Integrity Tester GT-1.0) is designed according to the positive pressure leak detector principle of glove proposed by GB/T 25915.7-2010/ISO 14644-7:2004 Cleanrooms and associate controlled environments-clean air hoods, gloveboxes, isolators, and it is a dedicated instrument to detect the gloves leakage. The simple and easy design won’t need any additional equipment, no need to remove the gloves, with fast detection speed and high precision.



  1. The instrument adopts a small amount of frequent air inlet mode, with uniform inlet velocity in gloves, to avoid gloves deformation.
  2. It is equipped with color touch screen and humanized interface design, according to different test parameters, for automatic selection and matching, which can be most adaptive to the current gloves test procedure, date and time display;
  3. The authority management and electronic signature design is in line with the 21 CFR part 11 for certification requirements of electronic records and electronic signature;
  4. It is convenient to move, easy to carry and quick to connect;
  5. Historical records can be used for print, storage and query.


Technical parameters:

Working power supply AC 220V 50Hz
Rated power 120W
Testing duration 2-8min
Pressure range 500-5000Pa
Response value ≤ 50Pa
Noise ≤ 50dB(A)
Working mode Continuous work
External gas source Compressed air, nitrogen, inert gas
Sealing pressure ≤ 0.8Mpa
other function Audit trail ,data export by USB (customization)
Historical record 10000 groups
Print Function Built-in Printer
Overall dimensions 400*260*270*250mm
Weight 7.5KG
On-line gloves tray Custom-made
Audit trail storage(customization) ≥ 3 years


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