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Product Description


The series high and low temperature circulating devices are mainly used in the testing and production of pharmaceutical, chemical, biological products and other industries. They are mainly used to connect the interlayers of various reaction kettles. The high and low temperature silicone oil is pumped into the reactor interlayer through a circulating pump. The material reacts at high or low temperatures.

This product is divided into various capacity and temperature. Generally, the temperature is -20~+200°C, -40~+200°C. Various high temperature and low temperature ranges can be customized according to customer needs.

The closed high and low temperature cycle device is a new type of cold and heat exchange integrated machine. The whole machine adopts compressor refrigeration, PID intelligent control system, and has multi-functional protection measures such as delay, heating, flow, overpressure, phase sequence and over temperature. An alarm function is installed on the device to warn the first time in the event of an emergency, which is safer for the person. The high and low temperature integrated machine uses an electric heating system, and the circulating pump can talk about the heat transfer fluid output, cooling or provide a constant temperature circulating solution for the external equipment.

Technical data:

Model Specs L Temp. range ℃ Flow L Cooling power W Heating power W
GDSZ-0520 1-5L 200℃~-20℃ 30 5100-626 3000
GDSZ-0540 200℃~-40℃
GDSZ-1020 10L 200℃~-20℃ 30 5100-626 3000
GDSZ-1040 200℃~-40℃
GDSZ-1080 200℃~-80℃
GDSZ-2020 20L 200℃~-20℃ 30 9800-420 6000
GDSZ-2040 200℃~-40℃
GDSZ-2080 200℃~-80℃
GDSZ-3020 30L 200℃~-20℃ 30 9800-420 6000
GDSZ-3040 200℃~-40℃
GDSZ-3080 200℃~-80℃
GDSZ-5020 50L 200℃~-20℃ 30 18000-1440 9000
GDSZ-5035 200℃~-35℃
GDSZ-5040 200℃~-40℃
GDSZ-5080 200℃~-80℃
GDSZ-100/20 100L 200℃~-20℃ 60 49700-3419 9000
GDSZ-100/40 200℃~-40℃
GDSZ-100/40 200℃~-40℃
GDSZ-100/80 200℃~-80℃

Function configuration:

Remarks 1. Refrigeration power / heating power is a reference value

2. Can be customized according to the actual parameters of the laboratory (high temperature 400 ° C);

3. Cooling / heating rate precision control 0.1 ° C, -1 ° C;

4. The flow rate is adjustable;

5. Refrigeration / heating power is adjustable;

Types Ordinary, explosion-proof, touch (upper position communication, USB interface, printer, etc.)
Temperature control 30-segment gradient control, intelligent PID, SSR contactless zero-crossing output;
Security function Self-diagnosis function, user authority management, emergency stop switch, leakage overload protector;
Compressor protector, high pressure switch, compressor delay protection, temperature overrun protection;
External input External sensor port, USB data interface;
Refrigerant R410A (replaceable)
Temperature Sensor Platinum resistance PT100
External loop interface 4, 6, 8, 12
Power Specifications AC220V/50HZ,380V/50HZ; 110V/60HZ;


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