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Product Description


  1. Multi-Channel modular combination, combine up to 4 dosing units & 6 channels work at same time.
  2. 4 standard burettes (1ml/5ml/10ml/25ml) available for options according to different application
  3. Unique built-in dosing unit to avoid the harmless chemical leak.
  4. Multiple self-checking function to avoid mis-operating.
  5. Flexible application edit functions, users can storage your own titration mode according to your testing and use the storage mode next time with one click.
  6. RS232/USB port,with networked CAN bus communication functions
  7. Can work with external 16-samples auto-sampler, making the multitasking operation much easier.


Technical Specifications

 Model BN-PT960 Basic BN-PT960 II
Titration module Potentiometric Potentiometric, Dead-stop
mV Measuring range: -2000.0mV~+2000.0mV
mV Measuring: Resolution: 0.1mV,

Accuracy: 0.1mV±0.03%

pH Measuring range: -20.000pH~+20.000pH
pH Measuring: Resolution: 0.001pH

Accuracy: 0.003pH

Temp.Measuring range: -5~120℃
Temp. Accuracy: ±0.1℃
Maximum number of titration modules 4 (2 modules in the standard package)
Maximum number of simultaneous filling modules: 4 (2 modules in the standard package)
Burette optional 1mL 5mL 10mL 25mL(10ml burette in the standard package )
Burette resolution 1/1500000
Burette refill time: 16 seconds (100% filling speed)
User grading management system 3 level (Customizable operation permissions)
Audit trail
Controlled by PC
WiFi module
Stirring Magnetic stirring, upper stirring (optional)
Electrode interface type: mV/pH measuring electrode interface, reference electrode interface, mV/pH measuring electrode interface, reference electrode interface,
PT1000 temperature electrode interface PT1000 temperature electrode interface, polarized electrode interface
Autosampler (Optional) Equipped with 1 independent analysis station, optional 16-position 100mL autosampler, 12-position 250mL autosampler, and 18-position 50mL autosampler

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